Docu-Series ‘Click Boys’ Goes Behind The Scenes Of OnlyFans Creators

The new docu-series 'Click Boys' takes a peek behind the scenes of LGBTQ adult content creators on the OnlyFans platform.
OnlyFans content creator Matthew Camp (via Instagram)

I’ll definitely be tuning in for the new docu-series Click Boys which takes a peek behind the camera of OnlyFans content creators.

Regular readers know I have a fascination with the OnlyFans platform. Not for the porn of it, but the financial possibilities it’s opened up for adult content creators.

The official synopsis:

This intimate and revealing 5-part docu-series follows LGBTQIA adult content creators who make their income through the internet subscription service OnlyFans.

We peek behind the curtain to show the real life triumphs and struggles of our Click Boys as they make a healthy living.

Discussing queer and cultural identity, body positivity, the business of sex work and sexual freedom, these boys reveal all – in more ways than one.

Each episode will feature a different ‘Click Boy’ including Matthew Camp, Brock Banks, Lance Charger, Noah Way, and Ty Mitchell.

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Check out the docu-series Click Boys when it premieres on Monday, February 27, on WOW Presents Plus with new episodes each following Monday.

Here’s the official trailer: