News: Fans Throw DIY Pride Night For Out Hockey Player + More

Fans of out pro hockey player Luke Prokop threw a DIY Pride Night when his team didn't organize one. "It meant a lot to me," said Prokop.
Out pro hockey player Luke Prokop (photo: Candice Ward)

Some news stories you might have missed:

ESPN: Fans of out pro hockey player Luke Prokop threw a DIY Pride Night for him when his team didn’t organize one. “It meant a lot to me,” Prokop told ESPN. “Seeing all the fans that enjoyed the night … the night is about them, not me.”

NBC Out: State Rep. Webster Barnaby of Florida apologized Monday after he called transgender people “demons” and “mutants” at a legislative hearing on a bill that would criminalize using restrooms that match people’s gender identities when the restrooms don’t match their “biological sex.”

Axios: Chipotle unveiled an all-electric restaurant concept Tuesday that relies entirely on alternative energy to power its stoves, grills, electric car charging ports and more utilizing rooftop solar panels and offsite wind generators.

Cache Valley Daily: A former local leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is facing 4 felony criminal charges for allegedly sexting with a teenage girl in his congregation. #NotADragQueen

TIME: Only 38% of Americans would be willing to pay a $1 per month carbon fee to address climate change, according to new polling released Tuesday. That’s the lowest level of support since the poll began in 2016, and it represents a 14 percentage point decline since 2021.

JoeMyGod: Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson last night that when he was booked and charged at a Manhattan court house last week, “People were crying.” Clearly this is just another iteration of his bullshit claim about big strong men crying in his mighty presence. Note – none of the reporters or court house staffers there have reported any crying.