Channing Tatum Brings “Magic Mike Live” To ELLEN

Huge exposure for Channing Tatum’s upcoming Las Vegas extravaganza, “Magic Mike Live,” as Tatum and his guys gave Ellen DeGeneres a live taste of what folks can expect in Sin City.

“Magic Mike Live” is scheduled to debut in March 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

First, Channing explained his reasons for doing the live show:

“I had a friend that had a girlfriend who went to Vegas and went to some of the male reviews there and she didn’t tell my buddy about it and he’s like why didn’t you tell me. She was embarrassed. She was like I don’t know it wasn’t cool. We just thought let’s go make something cool. Let’s go make something really for you guys (ladies) and hopefully we’re going to be able to do that.”

And then, the fun began. Watch the segment below: