News Round-Up: April 9, 2021

The cast of the hit movie Magic Mike
The cast of the hit movie Magic Mike
The cast of the original Magic Mike movie

Some news items you might have missed:

Socialite Life: The producers behind the Magic Mike films and live shows have announced an HBO Max series that will feature a group of men who have ‘lost their magic.’ The series will follow along as they transform into real-life Magic Mikes. Souls will be bared, bodies will evolve and “spectacular routines” will be learned.

Out: Demi Lovato and the cast of GLEE reunited for a moving video tribute to their late friend and castmate, Naya Rivera, at the GLAAD Media Awards last night.

The Hill: The House Ethics Committee announced it is opening an investigation into embattled GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) on Friday following allegations of illegal drug use and sharing nude photos of young women with his colleagues on the House floor.

Kenneth-in-the-212: Don’t miss Kenneth’s round-up of the latest in LGBTQ publications like the latest issue of Rage Magazine (below).
The cover of the latest issue of Rage Magazine
New York Times: President Biden has ordered a 180-day study that will explore adding seats to the Supreme Court or setting term limits for justices.

Twitter: When a photo showcasing the beefy butt of Law & Order: Organized Crime star Chris Meloni went viral (for obvious reasons), Meloni proved he’s a champ by owning up to his ass-ets.

Out Short Film: “Straight A”

Zach Cramblit & Todd Lien in ‘Straight A’

Check out this sweet short film, Straight A, from actor/writer Todd Lien.

Lien wrote, produced and starred in the short as his thesis film for the New York Film Academy’s MFA program.

The handsome actor says the movie is based on the true story of his own coming out to his father.

In the eight minute movie, Lien plays a version of himself struggling to maintain a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Kyle (Zach Cramblit) while keeping up the image of the perfect son to his father (Nathan Chen).

In the film, it appears being an over-achiever who gets straight A’s in school and is elected president of the student body isn’t enough for the father.

Or is it?

Todd shares this note on the YouTube page:

I am grateful for the supporting father I have, but I want to be clear that I know this is not how many people’s experiences are like. I just want to share some happy ending story like mine out there for more positivity and hope! The message is that sometimes we need to give our parents a little more credit for acceptance. Hope this video does that for as many people out there as possible!

Lien’s film credits include The Choice (2017), Alpha Delta Zatan (2017) and the TV miniseries Bob’s New Roommates (2017).

But wait – there’s more!

He’s also a part of the Asian Magic Mike troupe! Whoo-hoo!

The hottie is not only talented but way photogenic, as his 20K Instagram followers have discovered.

(h/t Towleroad)

Opening Night: Magic Mike Live In Las Vegas

Cast of MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS Performs at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

All photos: Erik Kabik (

Had some feisty fun at the official opening night of Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live last night at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino here in Las Vegas.

Channing Tatum and wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, were in attendance having a great time. After the show, Tatum shared a few words with the packed venue, thanking the crowd and friends and family in attendance for joining the cast and creative team for their highly-anticipated opening night performance.

Lots of quick, slick and athletic moves from the good looking MML men. Very much in the same vein as the numbers in the two Magic Mike movies.

From the press release:

Conceived by Channing Tatum and co-directed by Tatum and film franchise choreographer Alison Faulk, the show features sexy and daring themed dance and strip routines punctuated by one of a kind acts from a wildly diverse cast of performers.

There’s been some talk of Magic Mike Live “reinventing” the male revue, which I’m not so sure is completely accurate.

For the folks who’ve taken to comparing the new show with long running Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under, I would say this just a different “flavor” of male revue.

Comparing this new show to the other long-running strip shows is kind of like comparing Broadway’s Hamilton, Spring Awakening and Chicago the Musical. All have their own “edge,” and all won a lot of awards.

Having seen all three of the shows, I can tell you this – no one leaves any of them not having had a great time 🙂

Magic Mike Live is definitely fun, high energy. Less skin than you see in other shows; lots of shirtless guys dancing in jeans. If you’re looking for a bit more “exposure” than that, you might want to check out the other shows.

The only misstep for me is the hostess for the evening. She’s lovely and fun, and acts as a narrative device. But it seems like we see a lot of her. And her talking to the audience goes on a bit long. I’d just edit a bit.

Check out some video below I took along with pics by Erik Kabik (

Welcome to Las Vegas, Magic Mike Live! Lots of room for everyone!

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Cast of MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS Performs at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Jackson Williams Performs ‘air seduction’ in MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Attend Opening Night of MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS

Requisite poorly lit selfie with hubby Michael and Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Brings “Magic Mike Live” To ELLEN

Huge exposure for Channing Tatum’s upcoming Las Vegas extravaganza, “Magic Mike Live,” as Tatum and his guys gave Ellen DeGeneres a live taste of what folks can expect in Sin City.

“Magic Mike Live” is scheduled to debut in March 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

First, Channing explained his reasons for doing the live show:

“I had a friend that had a girlfriend who went to Vegas and went to some of the male reviews there and she didn’t tell my buddy about it and he’s like why didn’t you tell me. She was embarrassed. She was like I don’t know it wasn’t cool. We just thought let’s go make something cool. Let’s go make something really for you guys (ladies) and hopefully we’re going to be able to do that.”

And then, the fun began. Watch the segment below:

Channing Tatum Announces “Magic Mike Live! Las Vegas” Coming In 2017

Channing Tatum announces MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS

Via press release:

Actor and producer Channing Tatum has heard the call of women everywhere, clamoring for more Magic Mike. Next spring, their dreams will come true as Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas will become the permanent home of Mike Lane, America’s favorite handyman-turned-stripper, with MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS – a complete re-imagination of the male revue based on the hit movies “Magic Mike” and “Magic Mike XXL.”

Currently anticipated to open for preview performances in March 2017, MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS will recreate the mythic Club Domina with a sizzling 360-degree dance and acrobatic strip tease spectacular, guaranteed to bring on the heat.

“‘Magic Mike’ has been a special and very personal project for me, and this show is a natural extension of that,” said Tatum. “So while I won’t be on stage as Mike, MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS is my vision and I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time in Las Vegas creating something that will give women what they really want.”

The experience starts as you enter Club Domina, a real life version of the club at the foundation of “Magic Mike XXL,” where men cater to women’s desires. The fully re-envisioned cabaret nightclub space will be unlike any other in Las Vegas with three elaborately designed bars, an integrated stage and seating for 450 guests. Expressly created to capture the magnetism of a film franchise that has grossed nearly $300 million, this new venue and its immersive production will be one of the most unique entertainment experiences in Las Vegas.

In a show that happens in front of, behind, above and all around the audience, a dozen of the hottest and most talented men in the country will bring Mike and his crew to life through sexy and daring themed dance and strip routines, each punctuated by one-of-a-kind acts from a wildly diverse cast of performers.

In addition to direction and creative leadership from Tatum, film franchise choreographer Alison Faulk will once again reprise her role, creating the stage show’s choreography.

MAGIC MIKE LIVE LAS VEGAS has also struck a content partnership with the leading digital media property to create original video series and content designed to drive excitement and engagement around the show.

Visit for the most up to date information about the show, the cast and priority ticket opportunities.

But what about Joe Manganiello? Will HE be there on stage? We want “Big Dick Richie!” We want “Big Dick Richie!”