Brian Sims Artfully Trolls Haters #ThanksBudLight

Brian Sims Artfully Trolls Haters #ThanksBudLight
Brian Sims (via Twitter)

Brian Sims, the first openly gay elected state legislator in Pennsylvania history, artfully trolled conservatives this weekend who’ve publicly ranted on Bud Light.

Sims’s hilariously subdued tweet was in response to the outrage conservatives have heaped towards Bud Light for their social media collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The collaboration roiled some conservatives, with the hashtag #BoycottBudLight trending on Twitter as many complained that Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light.

Mulvaney, who has found internet celebrity on TikTok for her Day 365 Of Girlhood video series, was sent a personalized can of Bud Light with her face on it to commemorate a year since she began her gender transition.

But critics now say that Bud Light is now no longer a product for “real men,” some going as far as saying the beer will “turn” people gay.

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Which brings us to Brian Sims’s tweet, which read:

“I remember my pre-Bud Light days so well. The axe body spray, all that Smash Mouth, mandles, my favorite cargos, the work sweatshirts, and all that ESPN. Bro, it was dope.” That was followed by the hashtags #GayNow and #ThanksBudLight.

The Twitterverse was not only amused but jumped in as well.

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