Furry Goodness: Brians And Crop Tops And Bears – Oh My!

PA state Rep. Brian Sims and Bear
PA state Rep. Brian Sims and Bear
PA state Rep. Brian Sims and Bear (via Instagram)

What could be better for ‘Furry Friday’ than a bear in a crop top?

Out Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims recently reversed his opinion about pets in clothes when he posted a pic on Instagram of his adorbs doggo Temper wearing a t-shirt from his campaign store.

“I WAS WRONG: I recently expressed misgivings about pets in clothes, and I was wrong,” admitted bearded Brian. “Clearly Bears in crop tops are the Moment!”

He added the hashtag #Sims4Pa along with a link to his online store as the 42-year-old lawmaker is running for Lieutenant Governor of the Keystone state.

To be honest, both ‘bears’ in the photo are pretty cute.

I’ve been a fan of Sims for a long time because, basically, what’s not to like?

He became the first out lawmaker elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2012, and he’s been loud and proud about LGBTQ issues as well as the BLM movement and women’s equality.

Plus, he’s not shy about expressing himself whether it’s regarding coronavirus recklessness by his colleagues, flipping the bird at former Vice President Mike Pence, or boldly discussing his use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Head over to his official campaign site for more info about Sims. And while you’re there check out his campaign merch where you can find Bear’s pink & white crop top or this ‘I Believe in Trans Excellence’ t-shirt:

And then there’s Temper, who’s a regular feature (hashtag #BearAttack) on his Instagram. Here’s just a sample of the furry goodness.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims Announces Run For Lt. Governor

Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims
Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (image via Instagram)

After spending nearly 10 years in the Pennsylvania state House, openly gay Rep. Brian Sims has announced he is running to be the Keystone State’s next lieutenant governor.

The woofy Democrat made history in 2012 when he became the first openly gay man elected the Pennsylvania legislature. Now he’s looking to take his experience and move on up to statewide office.

Citing the values instilled in him by his military officer parents – taking responsibility, show empathy, have courage, and being authentic – Sims says he “wants to put those values to the direct service of the Commonwealth.”

“I have a lot of hope when I look at the people across the country that decided over these last number of years that they’d had enough,” says the 42-year-old lawmaker in his announcement video. “That they looked at a lack of leadership and thought that they could do better and oftentimes they’re right.”

”I want to be your next Lieutenant Governor,” says Sims directly to voters in his announcement. “We need adults in the room and I want to bring bold innovative leadership based on lived experiences and shared values to the Commonwealth.”

During his time in office, Sims has not been shy to call out folks for what he sees as stepping astray of their elected responsibilities.

Whether raising his voice for equality for women, LGBTQ rights and protections or personal accountability during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sims isn’t one to stay quiet.

Last year Sims gave a fiery speech calling out his Republican colleagues in the state House after it was discovered a GOP lawmaker had tested positive for COVID-19 but kept on attending meetings.

Prior to public service, Sims was a star athlete who, as an openly gay captain for the Bloomberg University football team, led his teammates to a Division II National Championship game in 2000.

After college he worked as the executive director of Equality Pennsylvania and served as a member of the Victory Campaign Board.

Pennsylvania’s current Lt. Governor, John Fetterman, recently declared his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. He’s looking to fill the  seat being vacated by Sen. Pat Toomey (R) who announced last fall he would not seek reelection in 2022.

For more about Brian Sims, visit his official campaign site here.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims

News Round-Up: August 7, 2020

Pennsylvania legislator Brian Sims (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

LGBTQ Nation: A Republican lawmaker called the police this week on out Pennsylvania Democratic lawmaker Brian Sims saying that the gay legislator made him fear for his family’s safety. Sims denies the allegations.

Instinct Magazine: Walt Disney Studios and Hulu have decided to renew Love, Victor for a second season after the first season’s well-received debut in June. Hulu later announced that Love, Victor was the number one most-watched drama on the streaming platform during its premiere week in June.

theOUTfront: Premiering today on Disney+, the new documentary Howard pays tribute at the life of gay director/librettist/lyricist, Howard Ashman who also helped give a genie his magic and a carnivorous plant his menace and has made generations want to be part of that world.

Means Happy: Get ready to be celebrated because Gay Uncles Day is a thing. Since around 2016, Gay Uncles Day has been widely celebrated on the second Sunday in August – it’s a great way of recognizing the diversity of our families, and also the important contribution that queer men make to family life.

Washington Examiner: With the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, leading President Trump by a wide margin in national polling, there could very well be a another “blue wave” come November. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted ratings in four more House races this week in the direction of the Democrats.

New Music: Australian pop star Kylie Minogue recently released the music video to her new single, “Say Something,” and it is all you could want in galactic glitter goodness. The vibe of the video could be described as Xanadu meets Starlight Express as the pop princess galavants across the universe on a golden steed surrounded by shirtless men. #TotallyNotGayAtAll

Rep. Brian Sims Calls Out GOP Lawmakers For Hiding Positive COVID Diagnosis

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (screen capture)

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims, an openly gay Democrat, went on an epic Facebook Live rant Wednesday night calling out state Republicans for covering up a GOP lawmaker’s positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

Sims says House Republicans called for in-person committee meetings to argue that business sectors were safe to reopen even as they knew they had been exposed to the virus.

From NBC News:

“Every single day of this crisis this State Government Committee in Pennsylvania has met so that their members could line up one after one after one and explain that it was safe to go back to work,” said Sims during his. “During that time period they were testing positive. They were notifying one another. And they didn’t notify us.”

“I never ever, ever knew that the Republican leadership of this state would put so many of us at risk for partisanship to cover up a lie,” he said during the nearly 12-minute tirade. “And that lie is that we’re all safe from COVID.”

Rep. Andrew Lewis, R-Dauphin, said in a Facebook Live address Wednesday night, hours after he publicly announced he had tested positive, that he informed as few people as possible about contracting the coronavirus because he wanted to protect the privacy of those around him and because he was only in close quarters with a handful of house colleagues.

Sims shares in the video that he donated a kidney in January and so he currently has a compromised immune system making him more susceptible to the coronavirus.

Sims is demanding an investigation into how the notification about the diagnosis was handled. He’s also called for Speaker of the House Mike Turzai to resign.

Here’s the Facebook Live video. Note – Sims uses some profanity in here.

Twitter Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Some really fun stuff on Twitter lately, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

And then there was this exchange between woofy Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims and out recording artist Bright Light Bright Light that made my morning:

And while we’re on the subject of Bright Light Bright Light, check out his synth-pop version of the holiday classic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” released in 2017.

Hunky Brian Sims Banned From Facebook For Reporting Homophobic Troll

Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims was banned from his own Facebook account after reporting a troll calling him 'faggot' online
Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims  (image via Facebook)

I love that woofy, gay Pennsylvania state legislator Brian Sims does not back down from trolls and haters.

So, last week when a woman who appeared to be named “Jill Freb” sent him a message on social media reading, “You get out, f*gg*t,” Sims didn’t pause to share the comment with his followers.

Sims wrote, “Anyone know my new friend Jill?” He posted a pic of the comment and asked his peeps to report the comment to the powers that be at Facebook

But then, is a strange reversal, Sims himself was blocked from posting on his own account for sharing Kreb’s homophobic comment.

“Last night, I got back from the governor’s swearing-in ceremony,” Sims told Metro Weekly. “I went to put up some information about the swearing-in and a trans candidate who’s announcing a campaign today, and I got a notification that, because of that specific post with her telling me to “get out” and calling me a “faggot” — not even the other posts associated with it — I had been blocked from all my accounts, both public and personal.”

Eventually, Sims got his Facebook account reinstated, admittedly because he happens to know some folks there.

But Sims wasn’t done with the issue.

“I have dozens of connections to Facebook and had to use all of them to fix this,” he wrote. “What happens to the person who doesn’t know anyone there?”

He went on to say he never received any “explanation from Facebook Diversity, Government and Politics on Facebook or Facebook HQ” about the lockdown.

Eventually, Facebook responded to MetroWeekly with a statement regarding the ‘mistake.’

“We allow people to share messages they receive even hateful ones,” wrote the Facebook spokesman. “Removing this post was a mistake in misunderstanding that it was discussing a message Representative Sims had himself experienced. The post does not violate our Community Standards and has been restored and Representative Sims is no longer in a feature block.”

But Sims still has concerns for the free speech of those who may not have his connections or position.

“This isn’t just about getting my Facebook page turned back on,” said Sims. “This either needs to continue or start a conversation about what Facebook is doing, authentically, substantively, to make sure they’re not culling legitimate speech and not endorsing, supporting, or lifting up illegitimate speech — whether it’s hate speech or fake accounts.”

Keep fighting, Brian. We think you’re awesome.

Brian Sims Calls Out GOP Lawmaker “Stop Lying. It’s Gross.”

Brian Sims calls out Senator-elect Marsha Blackburn for "lying" about the government shutdown and 'spinning' fake facts
Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims

Woofy Brian Sims of Pennsylvania does not suffer fools gladly.

It all began when Marsha Blackburn, the Tennessee Republican who was recently elected to the U.S. Senate, took to Twitter to blame Democrats for the shutdown of several federal departments and agencies.

“I am disappointed to see that the Senate Democrats chose to shut down our government instead of secure our southern border,” wrote Blackburn on Saturday. “The American people deserve to be protected against drug cartels and human traffickers.”

As has been widely reported, the current government shutdown occurred because Donald Trump reneged on an agreed upon bipartisan plan to fund the government until February.

But when far-right political pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter criticized Trump for not getting $5 billion to fund the beginning of his infamous wall along the Mexican border, it was more than Trump could take. And so, he reversed course demanding his ‘wall money.’

In a meeting ten days before the shutdown, Trump even told Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer that he would be “proud” to shut down the government.

“I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck,” Trump told the Democrats in a televised meeting in the Oval Office. “Because the people of this country don’t want criminals and people who have lots of problems — and drugs — pouring into our country. I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it.”

Sims, the hunky gay Democratic state lawmaker in Pennsylvania, called out Blackburn on Twitter for her “outright lie.”

“Marsha, all spin aside, this post is just an outright lie,” Sims clarified on Twitter. “It’s no a play on what really happened. It’s a complete fabrication. This is the kind of bold-faced lie that makes people hate politics and politicians. From one elected official to another: Stop Lying. It’s gross.”

Blackburn, who has been a Trump toadie for a long time, was merely repeating what her idol has been tweeting since the funding debacle bubbled up last week.

According to The New York Times, the Trump shutdown will likely last into the new year when a new Congress is sworn in and the Democrats take control of the House.

The shutdown has shuttered the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Housing and more. Some 400,000 federal workers are expected to be furloughed as we head into Christmas.

My man Brian has never shied away from calling out GOP politicians for lying.

When anti-LGBTQ Vice President Mike Pence was heading into Philadelphia (Sims’ district) for a visit this past June, Sims ‘welcomed’ the veep with a controversial image giving Pence the finger.

“To be clear, we’re a City of soaring diversity. We believe in the power of all people to live and to contribute: Black, Brown, Queer, Trans, Atheist, Immigrant, we want you and we’ll respect you,” Sims wrote on Facebook. “So keep that in mind while you’re here raising money to attack more families, spread more lies, blaspheme with your bible, and maybe even talk to a woman without your wife in the room.”

I’ve been a fan of the woofy Sims for years. Let’s take a stroll through his Instagram, shall we?

A post shared by Brian Sims (@briansimspa) on Nov 5, 2018 at 4:05pm PST

Pennsylvania: Out State Rep. Brian Sims Takes No Crap From Homophobic Colleague Daryl Metcalfe

Out Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims isn't taking any shit from homophobic colleague Daryl Metcalfe.
Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims

PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe got his undies bunched up in Facebook tantrum recently, where he called out and proud PA state Rep. Brian Sims a “lying homosexual” over a redistricting dispute. 

Along the way, Metcalfe through in a few homophobic jabs including his belief that being gay is “immoral behavior.”

The woofy Brian, however, wasn’t going to stand idly by as the homophobe ranted on his virtual anti-LGBT soapbox.

Referencing the movie Mean Girls, Sims called out Metcalfe for pulling out his “burn book.”

Brian made it clear: if you come at him, come right or don’t come at all.

He also made sure the world met Metcalfe’s openly LGBTQ challenger, Dan Smith:

Brian saved the best for last as he tweeted this hilarious meme when they see each other at The Capitol: