Boston: St. Patrick’s Day Parade U-Turns, Votes To Allow Gay Veterans Group To March After Backlash

Earlier this week organizers of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade voted to not allow LGBT veterans group OUTVETS to march in this year’s parade after two years of participation.

After several sponsors and prominent politicians pulled out of the event, parade organizers u-turned today and issued an invite to the group.

From the Boston Fox News affiliate:

“This is something that had to be fixed. This is something that I needed to do,” parade organizer Tim Duross said.

OUTVETS had initially been denied entry because parade organizers said they violated the code of conduct which prohibits ‘the advertisement or display of one’s sexual orientation’ by carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a logo with a rainbow on it.

No word yet on whether or not OUTVETS will accept the invite.