Boston: St. Patrick’s Day Parade U-Turns, Votes To Allow Gay Veterans Group To March After Backlash

Earlier this week organizers of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade voted to not allow LGBT veterans group OUTVETS to march in this year’s parade after two years of participation.

After several sponsors and prominent politicians pulled out of the event, parade organizers u-turned today and issued an invite to the group.

From the Boston Fox News affiliate:

“This is something that had to be fixed. This is something that I needed to do,” parade organizer Tim Duross said.

OUTVETS had initially been denied entry because parade organizers said they violated the code of conduct which prohibits ‘the advertisement or display of one’s sexual orientation’ by carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a logo with a rainbow on it.

No word yet on whether or not OUTVETS will accept the invite.

News Round-Up: March 9, 2017

Caleb Reynolds of Survivor

Some news items you may have missed:

• Yes, the new season of CBS’ Survivor began last night. And yes, I watched (big fan). And yes, I have a favorite – the hunky Caleb (above). #woof #TeamCaleb

• Even though the Congressional Budget Office has yet to return a report on the newly introduced American Health Care Act, meant to replace the Affordable Care Act, the two House committees designated to debate and markup the legislation have already approved the legislation to the full House. For comparison, Obamacare took six months from introduction to signing into law.

• Boston’s Mayor Walsh has announced he will not march in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in light of parade organizers booting LGBT veterans group OutVets from the parade after allowing the organization to march the past two years.

• Utah lawmakers have passed legislation that would repeal the state’s “no homo promo” law. All eyes on Gov. Gary Herbert to see if he signs the bill. Stay tuned.

• Despite the howls of conservatives over a rumored “gay” storyline in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, film industry insiders are predicting the flick will break March box office records.

• Watch below as Congresswoman Maxine Waters tells MSNBC that the unverified allegations of compromising video footage of President Trump with Russian prostitutes are “absolutely true.”

History Made As LGBT Group Marches Behind Their Own Banner In NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

For the first time in the 255 year history of the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, LGBTs were allowed to walk in the parade behind their own banner.

NBC New York reports:

For years, organizers said gay people could participate but couldn’t carry signs or buttons celebrating their sexual identities. Organizers said they didn’t want to divert focus from honoring Irish heritage.

Mayor de Blasio marched with the Lavender and Green Alliance, marking the first time he had participated in the festivities as mayor. He boycotted the parade his first two years in office because the march excluded gay and lesbian advocacy groups.

“Today everyone is celebrating together,” de Blasio said. “The city is at peace and unified.”

Gov. Cuomo and the entire New York City Council also joined in the parade and were watched by more than 2 million spectators who lined Fifth Avenue from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown to the 79th Street Transverse in Central Park.

Included in the festivities were DOMA plaintiff Edith Windsor and Irish activist Brendan Fay.

St. Patrick’s Day: Web Search For “Leprechaun” Porn Up 9325% Today

To celebrate the St. Pats holiday, the folks at Pornhub put together a report that looked at St. Patrick’s Day-themed search terms. Some things you might expect, others were a little eye-brow raising.

Not too surprisingly, searches with the word “Irish” were up an incredible 625%.

But here’s the real news – “Leprechaun” saw a 9325% increase compared to an average day.

Who knew there was Leprechaun porn?

When Four Gay Indie Artists Covered John Mayer’s “St. Patrick’s Day”

Out indie artists Tom Goss, Jeb Havens, Dennis Hensley and Matt Zarley unite (kinda like the Avengers, but not…) to bring you this cover of John Meyer’s “St. Patrick’s Day.”

Favorite shot has to be Tom Goss shirtless in the middle of this wintry tune.

I’m a fan of all four, so follow them on their respective YouTube channels:

Tom Goss

Jeb Havens

Dennis Hensley

Matt Zarley

Matt Baume: St. Patrick’s Day Parades March Toward Equality

LGBT folks have fought for decades for the right to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston. And this year – they did!

(Well, two LGBT groups got to…)

Some people wonder why it’s important that gays get to take part in the annual Irish parade. And there is a reason. A very good one.

Matt Baume explains in this quick, easy and rather Irish video. It’s actually more than you think.

Boston: History Made As LGBT Groups Allowed In St. Patricks Day Parade

In a historic first,  LGBT organizations were allowed to march in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston.

After years of boycotting the parade over lack of inclusiveness, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh joined those celebrating in the parade. Also attending were Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito.

OUTVETS, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender veterans, was invited to be a part of the festivities.

Progress, folks, progress!

Irish Queers react to news of one gay group allowed to march in NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

“We welcome this cracking of the veneer of hate, but so far Irish LGBT groups are still not able to march in our community’s parades. The fight continues.

“This is a deal that was made behind closed doors between parade organizers and one of their last remaining sponsors, NBC. It allows NBC’s gay employees to march, but embarrassingly has not ended the exclusion of Irish LGBT groups. The parade organizers have said, astoundingly, that we “can apply” in years to come.

“To the extent that parade organizers have changed their tune, it’s the result of Irish Queers’ many years of organizing, which led to last year’s refusal to march by Council Speaker Mark-Viverito and others, and Mayor de Blasio, the withdrawal of major corporate sponsors and escalating criticism of uniformed city workers marching in the Parade.

“We welcome this small victory, but our call remains the same — the parade must be open to Irish LGBT groups, not “in subsequent years” but now.” – Irish Queers react to news of NBCUniversal group to be allowed to march in upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC.