Bodacious Biceps, Bedroom Eyes + More InstaHunk Eye Candy

Fitness guru Cole Forsgren kicks off this InstaHunk round-up including bodacious biceps, bedroom eyes, and a bird's eye view of some favorite InstaHunks.
Cole Forsgren (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week starting with Cole Forsgren, who gave us a bird’s eye view of his Sunday.

DJ Alex Lo clearly knows how to connect with a camera:

Sam Cushing played around in Punta Cana:

JB has a big towel and he’s not afraid to drop it:

For those who don’t know – I have a big love of elephants. So, I’m super-jealous of Noah Gao meeting his new friends in Phuket:

Lucho was all smiles down in Tulum:

Corey Andrew already has his eye on summer:

Down at Carnaval, Arthur Nory swears he doesn’t like glitter…

…but Felipe Ferreira isn’t afraid of a bit of sparkle:

Carlos made for a scintillating ‘Superboy:’

Kyle Krieger was prepped and “red”-dy for some “worst behavior:”

Tommy and Tiago offer a pick of flavors: brown or brown?

International pop star Maluma was a dashing Don Juan for Valentine’s Day…

…while U.S. Navy man Paulo Batista spent Valentine’s Day celebrating his relationship with the guy in the mirror…

…and Silverjow’s ‘Hunks of the Week’ were hearting it up in their own way:

Bruno Baba took a trip down memory lane (be sure to swipe):

Sometimes you just need to live your JLo dreams with a bro:

Nathan gave you bodacious biceps:

Chubby Tanuki drops some truth bombs from the bedroom:

Matthew Camp found his light:

Instinct Magazine: Ricky Martin’s 14-year-old Valentino was liking his stache and bangs look. Ricky captioned the pic, “Baby no more.”