Baseball Player Anderson Comás Comes Out As Gay

Baseball Player Anderson Comás Comes Out As Gay
Anderson Comas (image via Instagram)

Minor League Baseball player Anderson Comás, who has played for the Chicago White Sox system, came out as gay in an Instagram post on Sunday.

Comás, 23, began the post with a “disclaimer,” writing that the post might not be for homophobic folks, but perhaps they’d learn something if they kept reading.

“This may be my most personal thing I ever share and it’s that I’m proudly and happily part of the LGTBQ+ community,” Comás wrote, punctuating the statement with a Pride flag at the end.

“I’m also a human with a great soul, I’m respectful, I’m a lover, I love my family and friends, and that’s what really matters,” he continued. “I enjoy my work a lot, being a professional baseball player is the best thing that happened to me.”

“So I just wanna say something to those people that say that gay people can not be someone in this life: Well look at me. I’m Gay and I’m a professional athlete, so that didn’t stopped me to make my dreams come true.”

He added that he decided to come out to be “an inspiration” for other folks out in the world fighting for their dreams. “Please don’t listen to those stupid things that people say about us; fight for your dreams, believe in yourself and go for it.”

A native of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic, Comás started as an outfielder for the White Sox in 2017, then converted to pitcher last season.

In his first professional experience on the mound, he recorded a 6.35 ERA with 13 strikeouts and 11 walks over 11 1/3 innings for the rookie-level Arizona White Sox.

The White Sox Twitter account shared their support writing, “We are all so proud of you, Anderson!”

Chris Getz, White Sox assistant general manager, also issued a statement adding his support.

“Anderson first shared his news with us last year,” read a statement from Getz. “And I was very pleased that he was comfortable sharing with us in player development. I also was happy at the reaction across the organization, which, as you would expect, was to support, help and congratulate a teammate.”

Billy Bean, MLB’s senior vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion, also issued a statement of support.

“I’m proud of Anderson’s courage in sharing something so personal with the baseball community, and I’m grateful that the Chicago White Sox have provided Anderson with an accepting and inclusive environment allowing him to pursue his dream of becoming a Major Leaguer while being his true and authentic self.”

Comás joins other Minor League baseball players Solomon Bates and David Denson, who have recently come out publicly.

Other professional baseball players like Bryan Ruby and Sean Conroy have come out in other minor league systems.

Bryan Ruby’s ‘Proud To Be In Baseball’ congratulated Comás on Instagram:

“Huge congratulations to Minor League baseball player Anderson Comas for coming out publicly today!

“In August of 2021, there were zero publicly out active players competing in collegiate or professional baseball. 6 players have now come out since. It’s a movement. Welcome to the family, Anderson!”

Congrats to Anderson Comás for living out loud and loving yourself.

At this writing, no Major League player has come out while still playing.