Indiana Governor Vetoes Anti-Transgender Sports Bill

The governor of Indiana vetoed an anti-transgender sports bill that would have banned trans girls from playing in school sports

Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) of Indiana has vetoed an anti-transgender sports bill that would have banned trans girls from participating in school sports that align with their gender identity. Holcomb called the bill “vague” and possibly unconstitutional.

From the Washington Post:

In a letter addressing his decision, Holcomb wrote that the bill “leaves too many unanswered questions.” He also challenged the need for state intervention.

“It implies that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive female sports are not currently being met,” Holcomb said. “After thorough review, I find no evidence to support either claim even if I support the overall goal.”

The governor, who was first elected in 2016, also noted that the bill would probably face legal challenges. Holcomb referenced a lawsuit filed in federal court before the measure was introduced that involved a middle school forbidding a transgender male student from playing on boys’ sports teams, among other alleged discrimination.

“Any bill brought forward should address the issues raised in these lawsuits,” Holcomb wrote.

Iowa became the 11th state to ban trans girls from participating in female sports teams at school earlier this month. The other 10 states are Texas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Idaho, Montana and Arkansas.

Last April, Gov. Doug Burgum (R) of North Dakota vetoed similar legislation highlighting concerns along the same lines as Holcomb. In his veto, he made a point to note there had “not been a single recorded incident of a transgender girl attempting to play on a North Dakota girls’ team.”