So-Called Gay Dog Gets New Home

Fezco, a five-year-old dog dumped by his owners because they thought he was "gay" for humping another dog, already has a new home!
John, Oscar and Steve (via TMZ)

A so-called gay dog gets a new home after he was dumped by his previous family after they saw him “hump” another dog.

Dog dumped for being gay

Yesterday, I wrote about Fezco, a five-year-old dog in North Carolina who found himself homeless for the crime of being playful with another dog.

Today, TMZ is reporting Fezco already has a new family and it’s clearly a much more LGBTQ-friendly home.

Steve Nichols and his longtime partner John have adopted Fezco saying they felt an immediate connection with Fezco because they’d experienced discrimination in their own lives. So they applied in hopes that they could give the handsome pooch a more welcoming life than he’d had thus far.

Not only were the couple chosen to rescue Fezco, but they decided to give him a new name inspired by the Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, who was famously gay.

Nichols also shares a bit more information about the furry fellow than we’d known before.

According to the couple, they don’t feel their new pet had been cared for properly as he hasn’t been neutered and he has heartworms. So, the doggo will spend some time at the vet getting those issues under control.

But when he gets home, Oscar will have even more company as the couple already have a furry friend named Harry, a Terrier-Chihuahua mix.

Here’s to happy endings!

Here’s the original news story that went viral:

(h/t Will Kohler at Back2Stonewall)