Anti-gay Mat Staver is Mad He’s Been Labeled “Anti-Gay”

Anti-gay Mat Staver is Mad He’s Been Labeled “Anti-Gay”

Mat Staver, speaking at the Values Voter Summit this weekend, expressed his deep hurt he feels that he has somehow been labeled an “anti-gay extremist.”

Just because he campaigns against equal rights for LGBT people. Just for that, he’s called a “hater.”

It’s exactly the hate that he does propagate that resulted in civil rights groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and People For The American Way writing a joint letter to the Republican National Committee asking the GOP members to not take part in the weekend’s hate summit.

Isn’t that awful? (Sarcasm intended).

From Right Wing Watch:

Staver’s organization, Liberty Counsel, is among those very sponsors and he is not very happy about being labeled an anti-gay extremist, despite this long and documented record of being one. Staver fumed that he is being attacked merely for believing “in God’s natural created order of male and and female and marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

“For me believing in something that is that obvious,” he complained, “I am considered by some groups to be a hater. But I hate no one. I hate no one, but I believe in God’s truth and I will not be silent in the face of intimidation.”

In an effort to prove that he is not an extremist, Staver then went on to liken himself to Jesus when he turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple before declaring that marriage equality teaches that children do not need mothers or fathers.