Affordable Housing in NYC + PornHub Sues Texas + More News

Affordable Housing in NYC + PornHub Sues Texas + More News
(image via HousingConnect)

Some news items I found interesting:

Patch: If you thought housing was expensive where you are, check out Harlem’s newest “affordable housing” – a new high-rise building accepting applications for studio apartments renting for $2,300 a month.

Buzzfeed: Billy Porter shares why he’s still mad about Harry Styles’s 2020  Vogue Magazine cover.

Pink News: A former 25-year veteran Ohio Highway Patrol officer who faced decades of misogynistic and homophobic discrimination has been awarded more than $2.6 million in damages.

Xtra Magazine: Conservatives can’t stop celebrating the Women’s National Soccer team loss. For all their talk of patriotism, the right would rather root against an American team than support its progressive players.

The Advocate: A group of companies that includes PornHub are suing the state of Texas over its new online age verification law. The group says the law is not about protecting minors but about restricting content that Texas lawmakers disfavor.

Instinct Magazine: My colleague Corey Andrew takes a dive into how the LGBTQ community gave the summer’s blockbuster movie Barbie a big pink boost.