Pornhub Shares The Top Searches By State During Election Week

(stock images via Depositphotos)

While some folks around the country are a bit done with the adding of these or those numbers amid the aftermath of the presidential election, the statisticians at Pornhub decided to crunch some figures themselves.

While they weren’t able to predict who each state voted for, they were able to ascertain what each state was searching for on the adult website during election week!

“The top relative search is the term that was more often searched in each state when compared to all other states,” writes the streaming platform on its blog. “It’s a snap-shot of what was truly in the hearts and on the minds of everyday Americans while they waited to find out who their next president will be.”

For some states, size clearly matters – Pennsylvania (‘fat a**’), West Virginia (‘chubby’), and Alabama (‘big booty’).

Maturity was a factor for viewers in Ohio (‘cougar’), South Carolina (‘grandma’), and Tennessee (‘granny’).

Local flavors were the thing in some states like Texas (‘sexmex’) and Louisiana (‘popeyes’).

There were some random searches like Iowans expressed an interest in ‘yoga pants,’ Georgia had ‘tickling’ on its mind, and Connecticut was up for ‘wedgie’ action. I’m not gonna ask about Oregon’s fascination with ‘succubus.’

A few states were on the (excuse me) less-creative side with terms like Florida (‘Trump’), Delaware (‘Election’), Nevada (‘Vegas’), Utah (‘Mormon’), and the District of Colombia (‘Vote’).

And in the “If you can’t spell it you shouldn’t be watching it” category, Mississippi wins with (cue the sad trombone sound) ‘pron.’

Check out the full graphic via Pornhub below.