20-Year-Old Charged In Violent Attack During American Airlines Flight

Brian Hsu, 20, has been charged with interference with a flight crew and assault after punching a flight attendant during an American Airlines flight. The flight had to be diverted to Denver thanks to Hsu’s attack.

From CBS News LA:

The attack occurred on the evening of Oct. 27 aboard American Airlines Flight 976 from John F. Kennedy Airport to John Wayne Airport.

Officials with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants union said the passenger got out of his seat and punched the flight attendant at least twice in the face in front of the galley because she had accidentally bumped into him.

The plane then landed at Denver International Airport a little after 6:30 p.m. Mountain time Wednesday evening. The flight attendant was treated at a Denver hospital for broken bones to her face, the union said.

All of this over a flight attendant bumping into Hsu who was reportedly seated in first class.

Congrats Brian – your little tantrum not only broke someone’s bones but you’ll probably be banned for life from American Airlines and possibly other carriers.

That is some serious galaxy brain stuff there.