American Airlines Suspends Alcohol Service Due To Unruly Behavior

An American Airlines plane on the tarmac
An American Airlines plane on the tarmac
(photo: Quintin Gellar/Pexels)

After a recent incident on a Southwest Airlines flight ended with a flight attendant losing two front teeth thanks to a drunk passenger, Southwest announced it would suspend serving alcohol during flights.

American Airlines has announced it will now follow suit.

From CNN:

“Flight attendants are on the front lines every day not only ensuring our customers’ safety, but are also calming fears, answering questions, and enforcing policies like federally-required face masks,” said Brady Byrnes, managing director of flight service at American, in a memo to flight attendants obtained by CNN.

“Over the past week we’ve seen some of these stressors create deeply disturbing situations on board aircraft,” the memo said. “Let me be clear: American Airlines will not tolerate assault or mistreatment of our crews.”

American had suspended alcohol service in March 2020 to reduce interactions with passengers during the pandemic. Beverage services were resumed on May 1.

But now, American Airlines says serving alcohol will remain suspended for coach passengers through September 13. That’s when the Transportation Security Administration’s mask mandate for all planes is scheduled to expire.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, “Since Jan. 1, 2021, the FAA has received approximately 2,500 reports of unruly behavior by passengers, including about 1,900 reports of passengers refusing to comply with the federal facemask mandate.”

Homocon Removed From Flight For Refusing To Follow Safety Measures

Brandon Straka (screen captures)

Gay right-winger Brandon Straka attempted to board a flight to Tulsa today, where coronavirus diagnoses are rising and expected to really surge after Donald Trump’s upcoming campaign rally.

The homocon refused to wear a face mask and caused a ruckus delaying the flight until he was escorted off.

Straka founded the so-called “Walk Away” movement which urges Democrats to become Trump cultists.

JoeMyGod reports Straka sued the New York City LGBT Center last year when it canceled one of his events.

In his tweets, Straka says he told the attendant he has a ‘condition’ that prevents him from wearing a mask – ‘sanity.’

The fact is airlines have the ability to do several things in terms of health policy. Anyone notice you can’t smoke on a plane anymore?

Anyone ever heard of ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service?’ How would anyone have felt if Straka attempted to board the plane sans shirt and shoes?

Additionally, federal law requires passenger compliance with a crew member’s instructions.

Straka, of course, tweeted the episode himself:

American Airlines flight attendant removed from flight after rant

An American Airlines flight moments from take-off at DFW was sent back to the gate this morning after a flight attendant began ranting over the PA system about the plane crashing and eventually had to be restrained by passengers and flight attendants, according to two passengers on the flight.

Flight 2332, scheduled to take off for Chicago at 8:25 a.m., was back at the gate by 9:15 as police escorted the flight attendant, kicking and screaming, to one of the several police cars that surround the plane on the tarmac, passengers say.

According to two passengers, the flight was taxiing toward take-off this morning when the flight attendant came over the PA.

“We are not taking off,” she said, according to the passengers. “We’re having technical difficulties. We are heading back to the gate.”

Another flight attendant came on and assured the passengers: Yes, actually, we are taking off, so buckle up. But the flight attendant up front wouldn’t let up. She kept going on about technical difficulties and plane crashes, the passengers say.

“Captain,” she said. “I am not responsible for crashing this plane.”

Passengers started yelling, asking what was going on. Flight attendants hustled through the aisles, saying nothing. A passenger from Wisconsin, who I spoke with a few minutes ago, called 911 but was ultimately hung up on. But not long after, some guys in the back of the plane, in town for a Sam’s Club company meeting, walked to the front of the plane and helped restrain the flight attendant, who the passengers are hearing was “off her meds.”

Apparently the plane did eventually take off after restocking the alcohol supply. There might be a clue in there somewhere…

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