Zac Efron Doesn’t Think He’s Daddy Material (Yet) + More News

Zac Efron isn't sure if he's ready to be a daddy, but we have news for him...
Zac Efron (screen capture via Netflix)

Some news items you might have missed:

OK Magazine: After filming his latest film where he plays a dad, Zac Efron says he doesn’t think he’s quite ready to be a daddy. “I have a little bit more growing to do, probably,” he said. p.s. dude, we’ve got some news for you…

The Advocate: Tokyo has announced it will start recognizing same-sex partnerships to ease the burdens faced by residents in their daily lives, but the unions will not be considered legal marriages.

NewNowNext: The Marvel universe will introduce its newest trans mutant superhero, Escapade, this June in “Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1.”

Insider: A Black Texas teen was suspended from school and told he couldn’t attend graduation due to the length of his hair

TMZ: Andy Dick was arrested on livestream for felony sexual battery after an adult male at the O’Neill Regional Park (where Dick has been living in a trailer) claimed the comedian sexually assaulted him.

Twitter: Donald Trump Jr. went on a wild Twitter rant about baby formula which has been in short supply in the U.S. due to ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages.

The shortage became worse after a recall of infected formula this year after at least four babies were hospitalized with bacterial infection and at least two babies died.