Report: Former Supporters & Staff Are Leaking Damaging Cawthorn Info

More bad press is apparently set to come out in the days before Rep. Madison Cawthorn's primary in North Carolina.
Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)

From numerous embarrassing traffic stops, an accusation of insider trading, pics showing him in drag, a video clip of a male staffer’s hand near his crotch, and another showing him humping the upper body of a man while naked, few politicians have racked up the bad press that Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has in less than one term in office.

And, with a week to go before his primary for reelection, word is more bad news is coming Cawthorn’s way.

David Wheeler, one of two men who run the day-to-day operations for the Fire Madison PAC told The Daily Beast, “Obviously, we have a target, we’re not afraid to take him on and put out the information his opponents wouldn’t—or the Democrats wouldn’t.”

The most recent information release was that infamous naked humping video clip, which Cawthorn himself verified as real.

From The Daily Beast:

Wheeler told The Daily Beast that the video arrived, via email, from a man who wanted to remain anonymous as a “former supporter and donor” for Cawthorn.

It was just one of many tips and bits of information that the PAC has received about Cawthorn from various sources. And according to Wheeler, that firehose of oppo includes much more explicit material featuring the congressman—material Wheeler said he could not publish without breaking North Carolina law.

Wheeler also says, while many think his group is being directed by Minority House leader Kevin McCarthy, the ammo being sent to his group is actually from folks who used to work for Cawthorn, who were his supporters.

More bad news for Cawthorn – apparently his campaign is burning through money as it currently owes twice as much as it has in the bank.

Plus, he’s apparently paid a close friend (some say a cousin) to be his top office and campaign staffer more than the maximum allowable outside income. The staffer is reportedly a college friend whose prior work experience was primarily running a Texas fireworks stand.

Even the man who made Cawthorn, Donald Trump, is said to be bewildered by the wild reports and is reportedly considering pulling his endorsement.

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