YouTube Musician Pogo Explains Hating “Disgusting” Gays & Cheering Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Pixar/Nickelodeon musician Pogo reveals he has a "robust resentment" of gays and cheered the Pulse Nightclub massacre
Pogo fist pumps in honor of Pulse Nightclub massacre

I should sub-title this post “How to lose your job in less than two minutes.”

Pogo, aka Nick Bertke, an electronic musician from Western Australia whose videos remixing Disney animated classics have drawn more than 200 million views on YouTube, surprised his fans today in a video explaining the name of his channel – Fagottron.

For years many LGBT fans and outlets have shared his videos assuming his YouTube channel name was a nod to his own out and proud gayness.

But, no.

In the video, Berkte happily breaks down for his fans his “robust resentment” of the gays and actually fist pumps when he references the Pulse Nightclub shooting calling the deadly massacre “just fantastic.”

From the video:

“I came up with ‘Fagottron’ because I’ve always had a very thorough dislike of homosexuals. I’ve never liked a grown man acting like a 12-year-old girl. I’ve always found that to be quite disgusting.

“So, I thought to myself, how can I best express to the world that gays are just an abomination?

“So I thought, here in Australia – well, in America as well – you like to call gays ‘fags’ or ‘faggots.’ I think nothing encapsulates the sissiness of a gay guy quite like the word ‘faggot.’

“So, I thought to myself, I’m going to call myself ‘Fagottron’ and hopefully people get it.

“I have a fairly robust resentment of the gay community. I don’t want to really get into this, but when there was the Orlando shooting and the guy was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ or something I was like (pumps fist).

“But yeah, I’ve got to be a bit careful with that because well, you know, I don’t like gays – but I don’t want to see people getting killed in nightclubs either.

“But still, I mean, it’s just fantastic. It just amazes me to see the West welcoming in a culture through the floodgates that wants gays dead (laughing). I think that’s fantastic.”

According to JoeMyGod, Bertke got a gig with Pixar and Nickelodeon after his work remixing Disney’s animated classics drew widespread acclaim. We’ll be curious to see if Pixar likes what they see today…

I wonder if he’ll try walking this back saying he was on Ambien?

Watch the disgusting message below.