Woofy Raph Solo Drops New Album ‘LIFE’

Raph Solo

Hunky out singer/songwriter Raph Solo shares the first single from his fifth studio album, LIFE.

The single, titled “Jasmine Petals,” looks to nature for inspiration in how we look back at lost loves and knowing when to let go.

“Trees release their buds after the loveliness decays and that’s when real growth to the tree occurs,” says Solo. “Such should be the case with people and love.”

“We live and love and it’s ok to lose sometimes,” he adds. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

The contemporary euro-pop track begins with a haunting, melancholy introduction before a heavy bass beat kicks in along with piano and violin.

Shot in a cemetery and in a French period mansion in North London, the music video is full of symbolism.

In one scene, Raph is seen playing a violin, blindfolded. The artist says the visual is his way of questioning whether we really see what is happening in our lives, or if we simply go through life blinded.

In several scenes, Solo brandishes a gun. In that guns can end life, Solo includes the weapon as a metaphor for choosing or ending life. Choose to put the gun down and you choose life. Regardless of circumstance, Solo says the decision between life and death is ultimately our own.

“Jasmine Petals” and LIFE are currently available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other digital music sites.

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Check out the video below, and you can find more info on Solo at his official website here.