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Woman Screams ‘I Will F**king Kill You’ At Mother & Daughter Leaving BLM Protest

Carrie Maxwell (screen capture)

Bakersfield news station KKTV reports police are investigating an incident where a woman verbally attacked an 8-year-old girl and her mom when they were returning home from a Black Lives Matter protest. The mother caught the exchange on video.

As Erika Baze and her daughter were heading to their car to return home after a nearby protest in northwest Bakersfield on Friday afternoon.

Baze had been taking part in the protests and explained her daughter asked to come along every day, so she finally decided to take her.

The protest began around 6 p.m. After about an hour into the demonstration, Baze decided it was time to head home.

She said they were walking back to their car when they were confronted by a woman. Baze said the woman told them they weren’t welcome in the area and that she was going to call the police. The woman, later identified as Carrie Maxwell, began to get violent so Baze began to record the encounter.

At one point, Maxwell shouts “I will f-ing kill you” before her shirtless husband drags her away. In the background, you can hear Baze’s daughter sobbing, “I’m scared.”

After the video clip went viral, local NBC News affiliate KGET received a statement from Maxwell, a second-grade teacher, who issued an apology for what she described as a moment of ‘anxiety, frustration and panic.’

In a statement released by her lawyer, Kyle J. Humphrey, Maxwell said she offers her “sincerest apology to anyone who was hurt by my behavior in that video.”

Admitting the situation became ‘confrontational’ she admitted she “responded in an inappropriate manner.”

“I never intended to cause fear,” she added.

Reminder – Maxwell screamed in the video “I will f**king kill you.” So, that sounds like it might incite some fear. But, maybe that’s just me.

She goes on to say she is the caretaker for her 18-year-old autistic son and elderly mother, and recent news coverage of the protests caused her to be concerned.

“I am humiliated by my actions. I am heartbroken to think that any of my students or their parents might see that video and believe that it is in any way reflective of my values or views regarding race or inclusivity.”

Maxwell makes a point to say in her 12-year teaching career, she has “predominantly taught students of color.”

Read the full statement here.