White House Press Briefing Turns Into #TrumpMeltdown

White House Press Briefing Turns Into #TrumpMeltdown
Please note the chyron by CNN (screen capture)

Donald Trump held another of his propaganda rallies White House press briefings on the coronavirus threat today, and it didn’t go well.

At one point, he claimed he has “total authority” as president to do what he wants like re-open all the businesses in the country when he wants to.

Mind you, it’s the governors of each state that has made the decisions to announce stay-at-home orders, but now the Donald says he can do what he wants when he wants because “the Constitution says so.”

Then, he got into another heated exchange when he was asked what it was he was doing during the month of February regarding the COVID-19 threat (answer: basically not much).

Paula Reid of CBS News does not back down here.

OMG Trump” and #TrumpMeltdown are now trending on Twitter.

I’ll also mention it became apparent during today’s press briefing that the writer of CNN’s chyron has zero fucks left to give.

White House Press Briefing Turns Into #TrumpMeltdown