Vice-President Biden At Freedom To Marry Celebration: Same-Sex Marriage Decision Was “Inevitable”

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden made a special appearance at a Freedom to Marry event in New York City last night, applauding those in attendance for their efforts to win the freedom to marry in the U.S., following the historic Supreme Court ruling.

Biden spoke of a moment when he was 17 and he and his father saw two men kissing. “He said ‘Joey, they love each other. It’s simple,’” he said, quoting his father. “That’s what it’s been about from the beginning. It’s never been that complicated for me.”

Biden went on to say he always knew the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality was “inevitable.”

Recounting the journey so far in the fight for LGBT rights, Biden added, “I want you younger people here to understand the shoulders you are standing on.”

Biden also made note that much work remains to be done in the LGBT arena for equality: while same-sex couples are now eligible for federal marriage benefits nationwide, 32 states don’t have anti-discrimination employment laws protecting sexual orientation.