Podcast: Kevin Spacey Had A Very Bad Week; Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Trans Military Ban

In this week’s podcast:

• Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey had a really, really bad week

• A federal judge has blocked Donald Trump’s ban on transgender service members in the U.S. military

• Don’t miss the marriage equality documentary, “The Freedom To Marry,” now on Netflix

• The first openly gay winner of “The Voice Australia” released his latest single, a marriage equality anthem as the mail-in same-sex marriage survey comes to a close

All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report

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Documentary: “The Freedom To Marry” Now Available On Netflix

The award-winning documentary, The Freedom To Marry, is now available for viewing on Netflix.

The film is a “War Room” style feature documentary about the movement for marriage for same-sex couples, from the final frenetic months of the legal and grassroots campaign.

The Freedom to Marry has already played in 75 cities, played at dozens of film festivals, won 10 “Best Documentary” prizes, been translated into 10 languages, and has gotten rave reviews—from The Boston Globe to Entertainment Weekly.

If you haven’t seen it already, this is your chance to see the untold story of one of the most successful civil rights movements of our time.

Watch the trailer below.

New York Post Praises Evan Wolfson & Freedom To Marry

In light of Freedom To Marry‘s decision to “close up shop” now that marriage equality is the law of the land, New York Post gives praise to Evan Wolfson and company for moving on now that they’ve accomplished their mission:

In a rarity for any US advocacy group, Freedom to Marry is closing up shop “simply” because it won.

The move is applause-worthy because it’s so rare for any “public interest” lobby. Most outfits just find some new cause to justify keeping the money rolling in.

“We achieved the goal we set out to do,” said Evan Wolfson, Freedom to Marry’s founder and president, when the Supreme Court ruled last month that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to get married.

Instead of becoming “an organization that flails around and figures out what to do next,” Wolfson will help the group’s 30 or so employees find other “good-guy causes” to work on.

Most of the staff will be gone by December, he figures, with a few left to finally turn out the lights in February.

Freedom to Marry has the class to roll the credits once the “hero” has won.

Here’s hoping it starts a trend.

It should be noted that the New York Post is owned by arch-conservative Rupert Murdoch, making the tip of the hat that much more of a surprise.

Vice-President Biden At Freedom To Marry Celebration: Same-Sex Marriage Decision Was “Inevitable”

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden made a special appearance at a Freedom to Marry event in New York City last night, applauding those in attendance for their efforts to win the freedom to marry in the U.S., following the historic Supreme Court ruling.

Biden spoke of a moment when he was 17 and he and his father saw two men kissing. “He said ‘Joey, they love each other. It’s simple,’” he said, quoting his father. “That’s what it’s been about from the beginning. It’s never been that complicated for me.”

Biden went on to say he always knew the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality was “inevitable.”

Recounting the journey so far in the fight for LGBT rights, Biden added, “I want you younger people here to understand the shoulders you are standing on.”

Biden also made note that much work remains to be done in the LGBT arena for equality: while same-sex couples are now eligible for federal marriage benefits nationwide, 32 states don’t have anti-discrimination employment laws protecting sexual orientation.


Tennessee TV Station Refuses To Air Marriage Equality Ad

A Tennessee television station, which previously had no policy on ads regarding same-sex marriage suddenly developed one this week when approached by LGBT advocacy group Freedom To Marry.

The ad featured a gay Republican physician – Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld – who has just returned from deployment in Afghanistan and wants to marry his partner.

From Buzzfeed:

“I’m a Republican, I’m a doctor, and I’m a soldier,” says a voice over by Ehrenfeld as the commercial shows images of him serving in uniform, and back at home with his boyfriend, Judd Taback. “As a military physician, I take care of other people’s loved ones who are wounded in combat. But here at home, I’m fighting a different fight. Because I’m gay, I’m not allowed to marry my partner here in Tennessee where we live.”

The television station refused to air the spot.

“It’s just a very controversial and personal issue, and we just choose to not air a commercial on either side of that debate,” Tom Tolar, the president and general manager of Chatanooga-based WRCB, told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview.

The ad is running on TV stations in Nashville and Memphis.

Freedom To Marry has run over two dozen ads supporting marriage equality across the country. This is the first time a station has refused their business.

Historic National Marriage Plaintiffs Gathering

On the eve of the historic Supreme Court oral arguments on marriage, Freedom to Marry brought together plaintiffs and attorneys from more than 30 states, representing more than 55 different cases, spanning more than 40 years of legal cases seeking the freedom to marry.

This video recaps the amazing event that underscored the many years of work that has brought the US to the brink of a national resolution on the freedom to marry.

Freedom To Marry Makes It’s Closing Arguments For Marriage Equality

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments on the freedom to marry on April 28, Freedom to Marry is running this ad nationally on TV and online showing that “It’s time. America is ready for the freedom to marry.”

The new ad will run in the Washington, D.C., market during the Sunday morning news shows: Meet the Press, This Week, CBS Sunday Morning, and Fox News Sunday.

The ad also will run in the D.C. market during 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, according to the group, and nationwide this week on cable news channels CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

For more information, visit www.scotusmarriage.org.