Vanessa Williams: The U.S. Has ‘Issues’ Regarding Drag Acceptance

Vanessa Williams: The U.S. Has ‘Issues’ Regarding Drag Acceptance
Vanessa Williams on Daily Blast Live (screen capture)

Grammy and Emmy-nominated Vanessa Williams, who’s returning as a judge for Season Two of Paramount+ “Queen of the Universe,” zoomed into “Daily Blast Live” to speak about how the U.S. compares to other countries in regard to acceptance of the art of drag.


“There are some that are more severe. Especially, you’ve heard that when we did Season One, there was a queen from India and she said ‘it is a danger in my country to do what I love to do.’ So that was a heartbreaking story.

“And then, there’s also ones that are celebrated. We have one queen from Australia, where it is an art form that has been celebrated for years and is wonderful.

“So, in terms of where we are as a country – yeah, we’ve got some issues right now letting our drag be an art form. It is an art form. It is not predatory.

“These are queens that have made a life and career out of transformation and bringing joy.”

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Season 2 of the all-singing, all-drag reality competition “Queen of the Universe” debuts June 2 on Paramount+.