UK Commercial Draws Fire For Including 2 Gay Dads In Ad Spot

A commercial spot for UK based McCain frozen potatoes has conservatives up in arms for including a momentary shot of two dads with their real-life 19-month-old son.


From the ad text:

“Or maybe it’s dad who tucks you up? Dad? Daddy? Two daddies?… Families come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s meal times that make a family.”

Sounds warm and fuzzy, no?

But angry comments were directed at the gay dads from the spot, Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi. The men were called pedophiles and accused of denying their child a mother.

Sharing that they’ve received dozens of hateful comments, Lee says, “We are shocked this kind of attitude exists in the 21st century. We’re proud of our little family and we have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Lee and Mat aren’t the only ones being attacked, though. There are apparently equal opportunity haters on the job here. The spot drew additional ire for including mixed-race families.

Watch the lovely and very inclusive ad below.

(tipped by TRR reader Chad)