Tyler Posey’s Character On “Jane The Virgin” Comes Out As Bi

Tyler Posey’s Character On “Jane The Virgin” Comes Out As Bi

While television has made strides in its depiction of gay characters, lesbian characters, and even transgender characters, one sector of the LGBT universe that doesn’t get much play is bisexual characters – especially male bisexuals.

Every now and then we may get a female bisexual character (because straight men think it’s hot) but you rarely see a fully realized depiction of a romantic male bisexual character.

One of those rare occasions is happening on ABC’s Jane the Virgin where Tyler Posey’s “Adam” recently came out of the closet as bisexual. Posey plays a comic book artist who we found out this week has dated women and men.

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman spoke to Variety about the episode:

We had huge discussions about who Adam was before we started breaking stories because we were introducing a character who comes with a lot of history, a lot of weight for Jane, and a lot of narrative propulsive energy for us.

So that was something we discussed and decided on early on. I feel like you see a lot of bisexual women on TV because men think it’s sexy when women make out — so that’s become a little more seen on TV, and we felt like we hadn’t had a romantic hero who’s also bisexual.

And also, it felt like an interesting place to explore because Jane would think she’s very progressive and Jane would think she’d have no issue with it — that would be the place she wants to come into the story with, but then she has to unpack a lot of stuff.

Watch the casual revelation as “Adam” comes out below: