Two White Men Chased & Shot At Black FedEx Delivery Man

Gregory Case and his son Brandon Case are accused of targeting, chasing and shooting at a Black FedEx delivery man
Gregory Case, Brandon Case (mug shots via Lincoln County Sheriff)

Two white men chased and shot at a Black FedEx delivery man in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

D’Monterrio Gibson, 24, said he was making deliveries in an unmarked van given to him by the company in his full FedEx uniform on Jan. 24. Gibson says a truck approached him honking its horn.

Thinking he was in the trucks way, Gibson attempted to leave but the truck swerved and tried to block his departure.

From CNN:

Gibson said he drove down the street about two or three houses when a man in the middle of the road pointed a gun at his vehicle and was mouthing and waving at Gibson to stop. Gibson said he shook his head “no” to indicate he wasn’t going to stop and then hid behind his steering wheel while he swerved around him.

That’s when Gibson heard “at least five shots and heard the bullets hitting the van,” according to an incident report filed January 25 by the Brookhaven Police Department after officers met with Gibson and his boss.

As he was leaving the neighborhood, Gibson said, one of his managers called and he told the manager someone was shooting at him. She told him to get back to the station as fast as he could. The truck, now with both men inside, chased Gibson out of Brookhaven and to the interstate, Gibson said.

Police reports identified the two men as Gregory Case (who drove the truck) and his son Brandon Case (who stood in the street pointing the gun at Gibson). The two men were arrested and released on February 1.

Brandon Case wasn’t charged with attempted murder, but instead with feloniously attempting to cause bodily injury with a firearm and a deadly weapon by shooting at an occupied vehicle with Gibson inside.

Gregory Case was charged with unlawfully and feloniously conspiring to commit aggravated assault by attempting to cause bodily injury to Gibson.

Neither men have made a statement as to the nature of their actions. This is sounding reminiscent of the tragic shooting that led to the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia – a white father/son team chasing down and shooting at a Black man.

Gibson went back to work but FedEx apparently put him back on the same route, and after two days the anxiety got to him. Rather than move him to a different route, FedEx put Gibson on unpaid leave, which doesn’t sound fair to Gibson given what he’s been through.

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