Tubi Ad Pranks Super Bowl Viewers

Tubi Ad Pranks Super Bowl Viewers
(screen capture)

One Super Bowl commercial in particular that got a reaction out of many Americans watching the big game was the creative clip from Tubi, the free, ad-supported streaming television platform.

The ad spot made it appear as if viewers’ TVs were changing the channel right in the middle of the climactic end of the Eagles-Chiefs game. Chaos ensues.

Via Variety:

The 15-second spot, which ran in the fourth quarter of Fox’s Super Bowl LVII telecast, starts by throwing back to the game’s announcing duo of Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen. (Tubi is owned by Fox Corp.)

As Burkhardt and Olsen banter in generalities about the game, an unseen hand pulls up a Tubi on-demand menu on the TV — and after a couple of audible blips, selects “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” the 2005 movie starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, before the Tubi logo flashes on the screen.