Trump Threatens To “Get Involved” In Department Of Justice’s “Rigged System”

Trump Threatens To “Get Involved” In Department Of Justice’s “Rigged System”
Donald Trump

UPDATE – The Justice Department has officially said “no” to the Freedom Caucus’ request for the unredacted version of the DOJ memo to Robert Mueller.


Donald Trump began the day with yet another meltdown on Twitter with cries of “Witch Hunt!” and “Rigged System.”

His rant was centered on the dispute between conservative members of Congress and a memo from the Department of Justice that outlines the topics for investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

CNN has the details:

The House Republican duo targeting senior leaders at the Justice Department have a new demand for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: They want to see an unredacted copy of the memo he sent to whom detailing the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The same lawmakers are also demanding a new disclosure from Attorney General Jeff Sessions: They want to know whether he was involved in the decision to raid the personal attorney of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, according to a letter sent last week.

The two new requests are the latest in a series of asks from Republican Reps. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio, the conservative Freedom Caucus lawmakers who say the Justice Department is stonewalling Congress and have suggested the department leaders could be on the “path to impeachment” if they won’t cooperate.

In a private meeting last month, Jordan and Meadows laid out their concerns to Rosenstein about what they believe has been a lackluster response by the Justice Department to the GOP’s request for documents. And one document request appeared to catch Rosenstein by surprise: the demand for the August memo laying out the scope of the Mueller probe, a document that was heavily redacted in recently unveiled court filings.

Rosenstein resisted the request by the GOP lawmakers to review an unredacted, or less redacted, version of the memo, according to Jordan.

Apparently, according to folks with knowledge of the document, the full memo includes which Trump associates are under investigation and for what.

At an event last night, Rosenstein told reporters “the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted.”

The Washington Post has reported that Meadows and the House Freedom Caucus have drafted articles of impeachment against Rosenstein as a “last resort.”