Trump Takes The Bait – Again

Donald Trump just can’t help himself. All you have to do to get a rise out of him is lay the bait and wait.

As I reported yesterday, billionaire Mark Cuban tweeted the news that he will have a front row seat at Monday’s first presidential debate at the invite of the Clinton campaign.

Cuban, as many know, has been an outspoken critic of the Donald and his presidential campaign for months now.

In what is surely the most predictable response, Trump today tweeted in retaliation.

Of course, along the way he initially misspelled Flowers first name, so he deleted and retweeted.

But what’s most infantile is bringing up a woman from Bill Clinton’s past as some kind of touché.

It does make you wonder if the Trumpster is planning on bringing up Bill’s moral lapses of the 80s or 90s as some kind of failure on Hillary’s part.

I think that’s definitely a losing proposition for Trump, and will hand Hillary the advantage.

Having been with my husband for 22 years – legally married as long as the law would allow, 13 years now – I have respect for those who work their way through marital difficulties.

A whole lot more than someone who cuts and runs on his first two wives.

UPDATE: Ms. Flowers herself took to Twitter to say that she WILL in fact be attending the debate Monday night.