Trump Says New Coronavirus Stimulus Package ‘Dead On Arrival’

Trump Says New Coronavirus Stimulus Package ‘Dead On Arrival’
Donald Trump speaks at the White House (photo: public domain)

Donald Trump says the new coronavirus relief package being worked out in Congress is a ‘no go’ before it even has a vote.

From NBC News:

“DOA. Dead on arrival. Of course, Nancy Pelosi knows that,” he told reporters Wednesday at the White House.

About one-third of the $3 trillion legislation is relief for state, local and tribal governments, which many Republicans are resisting.

The measure also includes assistance to essential workers, an extension of unemployment insurance beyond July, another round of $1,200 direct cash payments and various other measures that are unlikely to gain bipartisan support but serve as an opening bid for Democrats.

Trump ripped into election-related provisions that would require 15 consecutive days of early voting and the option for every American to vote by mail through an absentee ballot, rules that would take effect starting in the 2020 presidential contest.

“Mail-in ballots is subject to tremendous corruption. Tremendous corruption, cheating. And so I’m against it,” Trump said. “And if you look at the bill that Nancy Pelosi is putting in, it has a lot to do with elections. We’re not going to lose elections because of that.”

As NBC News notes, ‘voter fraud’ is an often repeated lie for Trump. But even though he says it over and over, the truth is several studies and investigations by election experts have looked into the issue and no widespread fraud has ever been found.

In fact, five state handle their elections completely by mail-in voting: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah.

Additionally, Trump recently admitted that HE voted in Florida’s recent election by mail. And hundreds of thousands of military service members participate in the electoral process by mail every cycle.

Trump’s issue with mail-in voting is it enables more Americans to take part, and higher turnout tends to favor the Democratic party.