Trump Campaign Requests Partial Recount Of Wisconsin

With a 5 pm deadline looming today in Wisconsin for the Trump campaign to request (as previously indicated) a recount of the votes cast in the presidential election, which has been estimated to cost $7.9 million, the state has received reportedly received a $3 million payment from Team Trump for a partial recount.

From AlterNet:

The recount the campaign is requesting is focused on heavily Democratic Dane County and Milwaukee County since Team Trump regards Democratic votes as inherently suspicious.

President-elect Joe Biden got 577,455 votes in those counties and won Wisconsin as a whole by 20,608 votes.

A recount would start this week and needs to be completed by Dec. 1. It’s extremely unlikely — virtually impossible, even — that even a statewide recount would net Trump more than 20,000 votes. A 2016 recount of the state got him an additional 131 votes.