Transphobic Alex Jones: “Everybody Has Had Porn Pop-Up On Their Phones Hundreds Of Times”

Alex Jones

After transphobic conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones was caught with transgender porn on his phone during an episode of his InfoWars last week, Jones took a moment last night to deny the allegation.

It’s an age-old story, don’t you know?

Every transphobic bigot “has had porn pop-up on their phones hundreds of times,” right?

From The Wrap:

“I saw a couple of news articles about that, it’s ridiculous. I was like looking up some reporter we’re trying to hire today and punched in some number and porn popped up on my phone. Everybody has had porn pop-up on their phone hundreds of times,” Jones explained to a caller on Tuesday.

“I probably had porn menus pop up 500 times on my phone,” he added. “There’s two types of people: People who look at porn and people who lie about it. But I wasn’t looking at porn on my phone. I don’t take phones on air that I look at porn on.”

In addition to asserting the Sandy Hook gun massacre was staged, Jones has been an virulently anti-trans activist for year claiming the transgender movement will bring down society, and telling his audience that accepting trans kids is an attempt to ‘sexualize’ them.

Jones has recently been banned from practically all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify