Tony Perkins blames Southern Poverty Law Center for FRC shooting

Now, let me get this straight – last year, after Sarah Palin, the former half-term governor of Alaska, put cross-hairs on Democratic politicians in a graphic that included Rep. Gabby Giffords, and a connection to the Giffords shooting was discussed in the media, the right wing nuts screamed how she COULD NOT be in any way be involved. Am I remembering this right?

But now, a nut with a gun heads over to FRC and shoots someone, and now it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fault? The SPLC who did not send out a memo or graphic with cross-hairs suggesting anyone go shoot anyone.

Get a grip and stop politicizing a terrible incident. The man who was the shooter at FRC was deranged and wrong. Period. But that doesn’t make SPLC responsible just because the SPLC has called FRC on their own hate speech.

Give me a break. As everyone said last year during the terrible Gabby Giffords shooting, it’s despicable to politicize such a horrible incident.

Stop it Tony Perkins. Stop right now.