Tony Perkins: Gays Persecute Christians On Facebook With “Naked” Pictures

After years of fighting to deny equal rights to the LGBT community, Tony Perkins of the hate group Family Research Council recently told his radio show audience that when LGBT advocates call his ilk out for hate speech what’s really happening is gays “projecting” their own hate.

Talk about turning a situation around in your head.

He also compared gay activists to a deranged man who showed up at FRC headquarters with a gun last year.

Listen below via Right Wing Watch:

Perkins took a call from a listener who complained that he had seen a picture on Facebook of “two naked guys sitting on each other” and that when he complained about it to Facebook “in a nice, respectful, Christian way,” he was treated like “the biggest bigot out there.”

“I think we need to pray for them, maybe they’ll turn their lives around,” the caller said.

Perkins agreed that “Jesus said that we are to pray for our enemies, for those who persecute us, that would be those who mock and ridicule us, absolutely we should pray for them.”

Citing a mentally disturbed man who tried to stage an attack on FRC headquarters, Perkins contended that LGBT rights proponents are the real intolerant “haters” because they’re “projecting.”

“We’ve had them come into our building with guns, shooting, to try to kill us,” he said. “We harbor no bitterness in our hearts toward them, which is something they can’t understand. They want to project and that’s why they like to call us haters and so on and so forth, but they’re projecting.”

He added that he is very tolerant of gay people and doesn’t mind if they “live together, do whatever they want to do” as long as they don’t “redefine all of society for the rest of us.”

“I think more and more Americans are waking up because they’re seeing it,” he said. “This is being shoved into people’s faces, and if, like you, they say, ‘I don’t want this on my Facebook page, I don’t want this, I don’t want to see this, look, do whatever you want to do but don’t involve me in that’ — that’s not good enough, there’s this effort of forced acceptance and affirmation. And we just can’t do that.”

Marriage equality meme of the month: Going down with the ship

(Graphic via Politics with Jarred and Dave)

I might have lost count at how many important marriage equality court rulings have been found in favor of the good guys now. Yay for us!

And I think Governors Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania and Chris Christie of New Jersey have too, given that they decided to not even attempt an appeal over the issue in their respective states.

But the haters at National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council are still plugging away.  They are gonna go down with the ship.  Over at the NOM Blog they write “The fight is far from over.”

Of course, it bears noting that Tony Perkins at the FRC and Brian Brown of NOM get paid to do just that.

At least, for now…


Anti-gay FRC spokesman Ken Blackwell and Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen discuss Michael Sam draft

During the May 12 edition of CNN Tonight, anchor Bill Weir invited Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen, whose February speech in support of Sam created an Internet sensation, and the anti-gay Family Research Council’s (FRC) Ken Blackwell to discuss the drafting of Michael Sam and his celebratory kiss with his boyfriend.

As we’ve come to expect, Hansen was very articulate and stayed on the subject of a football player getting a chance to prove himself on the field.

But, during the segment, Blackwell tries to suggest that Sam kissed his boyfriend to help push an “agenda” and speculated that the kiss was a “political prophylactic” to protect Sam from getting fired.  And Blackwell also veers into the underbrush by bringing up Tim Tebow who has nothing to do with the discussion.

While I know CNN was trying to have two sides to the conversation, even host Bill Weir looked a bit incredulous at some of Blackwell’s statements – WHICH basically followed the FRC’s usual talking points.  Here’s just part of Blackwell’s screed about Michael Sam:

I thought the kiss was inappropriate and over the top, but I am just surprised with the duplicity among owners and leadership of the NFL. I take it it was just a few years ago when there were players who criticized Tim Tebow for wearing his faith on his sleeve. There were folks who basically said he was not a good football player; that’s why they were critical of him, not because he was a professed Christian who practiced his faith in all aspects of his life.

I really do question the network’s judgment, editorial judgment in putting the kiss on — on TV. Look, this is a very clear opportunity for Mr. Sam and others to co-op a professional sports, in this case the NFL, as a platform and as a force multiplier for advancing their agenda.

Let me just say that I hope he hasn’t created a political prophylactic that will shield his inability to make the team as a football player — as a football player because he’s an advocate for a lifestyle.

(via Equality Matters)

Evan Wolfson’s truth trumps Tony Perkins’ packaged talking points

On Face The Nation this morning, a round table was held discussing the upcoming oral arguments to be held at the US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage.

Watch the full discussion above where Tony Perkins, of the certified hate group Family Research Council, tries to repeat and repeat his long practiced scare tactics about marriage equality while Evan Wolfson puts the facts about equality on the table.

(via Good As You)

Tony Perkins blames Southern Poverty Law Center for FRC shooting

Now, let me get this straight – last year, after Sarah Palin, the former half-term governor of Alaska, put cross-hairs on Democratic politicians in a graphic that included Rep. Gabby Giffords, and a connection to the Giffords shooting was discussed in the media, the right wing nuts screamed how she COULD NOT be in any way be involved. Am I remembering this right?

But now, a nut with a gun heads over to FRC and shoots someone, and now it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fault? The SPLC who did not send out a memo or graphic with cross-hairs suggesting anyone go shoot anyone.

Get a grip and stop politicizing a terrible incident. The man who was the shooter at FRC was deranged and wrong. Period. But that doesn’t make SPLC responsible just because the SPLC has called FRC on their own hate speech.

Give me a break. As everyone said last year during the terrible Gabby Giffords shooting, it’s despicable to politicize such a horrible incident.

Stop it Tony Perkins. Stop right now.