Throwback Thursday: Betty Buckley “Amazing Grace”

Throwback Thursday: Betty Buckley “Amazing Grace”

It’s been quiet in the house lately.

Michael has been traveling with clients doing press in NYC, and with Bruno the wonder dog having crossed the rainbow bridge recently, I’ve been reflective of late.

My mind kept finding it’s way to this meditation on “Amazing Grace” from the brilliant Tony Award winner, Betty Buckley.

I’ve seen Ms. Betty perform live onstage countless times and it’s always a transformative experience.

Yes, everyone loves her huge show-stopping vocals in songs like “Memory,” “With One Look,” and “Meadowlark,” but her brilliance is revealed with equal ease in her quiet, pensive musical moments.

This performance is from her Stars and the Moon (Live at the Donmar) concert which, thankfully, was fully recorded for us all to have now and forever.

It’s not often that artistry of this depth can really shine through via a YouTube video, but as always, Betty is right in the center of the song’s emotional core.

While a “throwback Thursday” post is defined by looking back, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add here that Buckley has recently been announced to star in the upcoming national tour of Hello, Dolly! currently killing it on Broadway.

Happy Thursday, kids.