Texas Republicans Move To Ban Sex Education In Schools

Road sign reading Texas where Republicans voted to ban sex education in schoolsMore from the Texas Republicans convention over the weekend: the Lone Star State’s Republican party voted to ban the teaching of sex education in schools while simultaneously calling on Texas schools to teach the “dignity of the pre-born human” and that life begins at fertilization.

From The Texas Tribune:

One policy proposal called on state lawmakers to prohibit the “teaching, exposure, and/or discussion of sexual matters (mechanics, feelings, orientation or ‘gender identity’ issues),” as well as remove related books or materials from schools.

“The issue of gender has nothing to do with education,” said Cindi Castilla, president of the Texas Eagle Forum and who served on the party platform committee. “Education is about reading, writing, math, science, history and fine arts. Maybe some foreign language and PE. … Schools aren’t the social educators of our kids.”

So, the state that just banned abortion in almost all instances now doesn’t want teenagers to learn how pregnancies actually occur? What could possibly go wrong?

Several delegates expressed their opinion on Saturday that any kind of sex ed should be taught in the home. To that point I would note that I grew up in Texas and not once did the topic of how sex works between humans come up in my house.

The Texas Republicans also approved a plank that would require students to learn about the “dignity of the pre-born human” and that life begins at fertilization. Plus, the platform plank states that students should witness a live ultrasound and watch a “Miracle of Life” type video.”

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Yesterday, I reported that Texas GOPers approved a plank that labels being gay as “an abnormal lifestyle choice.” The convention also resulted in opposing any medical efforts to treat transgender teens.