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Team Trump: It’s Divisive To Point Out Our Senior Counselor Is A White Supremacist

Yesterday, the Trump transition team announced that Steve Bannon, of the “alt-right” website Breitbart will serve in the Trump administration as senior counselor and chief West Wing strategist.

The Bannon appointment raised many eyebrows in that Breibart is considered the “far right fringe” of conservative politics, and the website generally posts inflammatory white supremacist theories and worse.

Donald Trump communications director told CNN’s New Day host Chris Cuomo that pointing out Steve Bannon’s headlines and stories by white supremacists on his Breitbart website is “divisive.”

From Raw Story:

Miller attempted to parrot the new message from the Trump transition, claiming that he’s beyond attacking Mexicans, Muslims, women and all of the other groups targeted during the election. Instead, they want to move forward and bring the country together. “New Day” host Chris Cuomo couldn’t understand how that was possible with Bannon as Trump’s right-hand man.

Miller was bothered Cuomo would bring up something so divisive. “Again, I think that your focus on trying to divide people…”

Cuomo cut him off, “Not fair, Jason. Not fair. You put Bannon in position. Not me. I don’t put out the headlines on Breitbart. He does. He is seen as the architect of a very effective strategy that Donald Trump used during the election, which you guys now say needs to be left behind. But you’re bringing the architect of it with you. That’s not on me.”

And I predict that Donald Trump will “be under audit” by the IRS for at least the next four years, and thus unable to release his taxes. Ever.

Just saying…