#TBT – “The Rookies”

I hadn’t seen the opening of The Rookies probably since the show aired from 1972-1976.

Looking at it now, three things immediately jump out at me that I’d never noticed:

• Check that famous Police Academy shot – same one used in the original opener for Charlie’s Angels

• Speaking of Charlie’s Angels, Rookies cast member Kate Jackson went on to big-time stardom with that mega-hit from the 1970s

• And one more Kate Jackson connection – Rookies cast member Michael Ontkean starred as Jackson’s husband in the 1982 “coming out” pic Making Love.

That flick was probably the first mainstream portrayal of gay life I’d ever seen. I can remember like it was yesterday sitting in a movie theater with my freshman college roommate, Matthew. Neither of us had come out yet, and the silence driving home that night was ripe.

Ah, 1970s TV. See what you do to me.