Target Protester Meets Real Trans Person, Goes Insane

By this point, I’m sure you’ve heard there are jerks out in the world who are way angry that super-department store Target issued a statement letting customers and employees know that the store has a very inclusive bathroom / changing room policy when it comes to transgender folks.

In other words, use whatever bathroom your gender identity aligns with.

On the other side of sanity, haters have signed a petition protesting Target’s position.

Not only that, but there are nutjob protesters now going into Target stores who just start shouting anti-transgender rants. I don’t know about you, but if I was a parent I’d be mad as hell at these folks scaring my kids.

Blogger JoeMyGod shared this video today of one such idiot who actually meets a transgender person, and he really becomes unglued over that.

It’s about 4 minutes, but watch how unhinged this guy is.

And by the way – the nut keeps saying “I can sue you if you touch me.” Really? Store security guards can’t ‘touch’ an unruly person like this?

If you go get rowdy in a bar, I know what happens there…