Conservative Influencer Mocked For Recording In All Gender Bathroom

Nutjob freaks out at gender-neutral restroom at Kansas City Airport

A social media user whack-job/influencer named Morgonn McMichael, who goes by the handle MORGONN on X (formerly Twitter), was so floored by an “all-gender” restroom at the Kansas City Airport that she turned on her phone camera and started recording inside.

“This is crazy! I’ve never seen an all-gender bathroom. I’m not going in here,” she says after filming inside the restroom. Continue reading “Conservative Influencer Mocked For Recording In All Gender Bathroom”

Giuliani’s Loopy Witness Announces Run For Office

Melissa Carone (screen capture)

Oh, wait – she’s not done yet!

Via Deadline Detroit:

Mellissa Carone, who rose to memedom last month during a Michigan legislative hearing on election fraud, hopes to parlay her infamy into a state House seat.

The former contractor for Dominion Voting Systems confirmed Friday that she’s running for Michigan’s 46th house district in Oakland County on a platform of election integrity after claiming, without evidence, that she witnessed rampant fraud at TCF Center in Detroit in November.

“My ultimate goal is to get our ballots hand-counted and clean out Lansing just like draining the swamp in D.C. because that’s what we need,” she said.

After her statements at that infamous legislative hearing, Dominion sent her a cease-and-desist notice about her misinformation campaign.

Lawyers for Dominion also noted that Carone is NOT a technology or elections expert. She was reportedly hired through a staffing agency “for one day to clean glass on machines and complete other menial tasks.”

Right-Wing Loon: Mayor Pete Will Be “The Greatest Threat To Religious Liberty In Our Nation’s History”

Homophobe Bryan Fischer pens this essay for the virulently anti-LGBTQ American Family Associations' OneNewsNow site:
Bryan Fischer

These things make it to my inbox all the time. I only subscribe to such lists to keep tabs on what ridiculousness homophobic haters work themselves into.

Most of the mainstream doesn’t ever see this kind of hate, but we deal with it every day.

Every now and then, I like to share these here on The Randy Report because we should know this kind of hate exists.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer pens this essay for the virulently anti-LGBTQ American Family Associations’ OneNewsNow site:

Pete Buttigieg is an open and defiant homosexual who wants to be our next president. His sexual proclivities are enough all by themselves to disqualify him from the Oval Office.

We can certainly understand the left’s condemnation of Trump for his sexual romps with porn stars 12 or 13 years ago. This means, of course, that unless they are profoundly hypocritical, regressives will be able to understand our legitimate concerns about Buttigieg’s aberrant sexual conduct and what it means for his qualifications to become the leader of the Free World.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of “The Equality Act” (more accurately, “The Homosexual Supremacy Act”). This bill is the single greatest direct threat to the America established by the Founders. Under a Buttigieg presidency, it would indeed be “Homosexuality Uber Alles.” Buttigieg’s own sexual preference is a huge problem in all this. His identity is wrapped up in getting societal approval for his behavior. He cannot live in a society that does not celebrate his sexual choices. If that means trampling on the First Amendment, tough darts.

In other matters, Buttigieg believes “climate change” is a threat to our national security, and supports gun control laws, single-payer health care, and amnesty for illegal aliens. Do not let his boyish good looks and charm deceive you. He threatens everything that you and I cherish.

Under President Buttigieg, the First Amendment will be eviscerated. It will just be words on parchment, a relic of a time gone by when America was free.

Bottom line: President Pete Buttigieg will be the greatest threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history. Consider yourself warned.

Interesting that Fischer notes Buttigieg’s “boyish good looks and charm.”

Fischer was fired from his position as spokesman for the AFA back in 2015 after trying to connect LGBTQ people with Nazis, although he’s been allowed to continue hosting a radio show for the anti-LGBTQ organization.

Target Protester Meets Real Trans Person, Goes Insane

By this point, I’m sure you’ve heard there are jerks out in the world who are way angry that super-department store Target issued a statement letting customers and employees know that the store has a very inclusive bathroom / changing room policy when it comes to transgender folks.

In other words, use whatever bathroom your gender identity aligns with.

On the other side of sanity, haters have signed a petition protesting Target’s position.

Not only that, but there are nutjob protesters now going into Target stores who just start shouting anti-transgender rants. I don’t know about you, but if I was a parent I’d be mad as hell at these folks scaring my kids.

Blogger JoeMyGod shared this video today of one such idiot who actually meets a transgender person, and he really becomes unglued over that.

It’s about 4 minutes, but watch how unhinged this guy is.

And by the way – the nut keeps saying “I can sue you if you touch me.” Really? Store security guards can’t ‘touch’ an unruly person like this?

If you go get rowdy in a bar, I know what happens there…