Target Features Cute Lesbian Couple In Nursery Commercial

Target Features Cute Lesbian Couple In Nursery Commercial

Ok, so first we got the two Canadian dads in the Cheerios commercial, and now we have Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs, expectant moms-to-be featured in a new ad for Target.

The couple married a few years ago in Central Park and are expecting their first child soon. This is where Target comes in.

From Instinct:

“A friend of ours knew the casting director was looking for expecting couples and she emailed me and asked if I would be interested in sending our stuff over,” Amanda said.

“We both thought it would be amazing to have so much of our nursery needs taken care of (kids are expensive!) and also loved the idea of showing an authentic lesbian family in a mainstream commercial. Obviously, Target dug that too.”

Both moms-to-be hope their little bundle of joy combines their talents, quick wit and love of space exploration. Sound like fun moms to me.

Predictably, anti-gay Bryan Fischer of the ironically named “American Family Association” (but he’s not enamored of this family it seems…) is already howling at the moon over this.