Funny: Michael Henry Is Ready For A ‘HOT HOMO SUMMER’

Michael Henry is ready for a 'Hot Homo Summer'
Michael Henry is ready for a 'Hot Homo Summer'
Michael Henry is ready for a ‘HOT HOMO SUMMER’

Funny man Michael Henry has released the first episode of his new mini-series, “HOT HOMO SUMMER.”

And yes, the all-caps is on purpose…

Emerging from over a year of pandemic-mania, Henry is single and uber-ready to mingle armed with his COVID vaccination and a fresh trim of the body fur.

Check out the six-minute Episode 1 below.

Funny: Michael Henry Is Ready For A ‘HOT HOMO SUMMER’

Writer/director/actor Michael Henry in 'Hot Homo Summer'
Michael Henry in ‘Hot Homo Summer’ (screen capture)

Funny guy Michael Henry has dropped the trailer for his upcoming 5-episode web series, “Hot Homo Summer.”

Henry, who has an erring eye and ear for the homo zeitgeist, shares on the YouTube page, “If some people are having a ‘Hot Vax Summer’ or a ‘Hot Girl Summer I deserve to have a ‘Hot Homo Summer!’”

The series is written by Henry who shares co-directing duties with Paul McGovern Jr. McGovern also serves as director of photography and editor.

In the trailer, we get a rush of gay-gay-gay one-liners – “Nooooooo, not a ‘Snickers d**k!” – delivered rapid-fire by a who’s who of actors who’ve appeared in Henry’s previous short films.

Those chronicling homo-life in Henry’s ‘West Hollywood’ include Johnny Sabilly, John Duff, Brandon Rogers, Chad Westbrook, Chris Renfro, Logan Jennings (‘Meatball’), and many more.

As cast member Chris Brandon wrote in the comments, “This is like when the first Avengers movie came out, but it’s Michael Henry characters. Welcome to the MHU.”

Henry says the episodes will be released weekly. No release date announced yet, but as Henry notes at the end of the trailer, “Coming quickly…” #LOL

Hit the play button and you can find my previous coverage of Mr. Henry’s comedic antics here.

(screen capture)

Does This ‘Bad Boy’ Have The Best ‘Package’ Deal He Can Get?

Drew Canan in 'Bad Actor Boy'
Drew Canan in ‘Bad Actor Boy’ (screen capture)

In the latest episode of the Bad Boy web series, screenwriter Scott (played by series creator Artie O’Daly) finds himself sitting in his agent’s office excited by the good news that someone wants to make his movie.

Except…it’s not the awesome prison drama he’s so proud of but another about ‘bad boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) – “a stripper criminal who’s basically a horny puppy who somehow became a human?”

Sounds like a blockbuster – ruff!

Potential producer Vanessa shows up for the meeting and while she’s interested in the script, she stresses the importance of the best possible package deal.

Cue Jim and his tear-away pants putting his “best possible package” right up front.

Much to Scott’s chagrin, part of that “package” involves casting Jim as himself in the film which results in exploring the beefy bad boy’s acting skills. Or lack thereof.

But as Scott may have to go with the flow after his former agent messages him to say a crazy man is threatening to murder Scott if he pursues getting his prison script produced.

Meanwhile, our hero’s new agent Jamila is angling for any script to get optioned as she’s got some Lexus payments that are in arrears.

Along the way horny assistant agent Roderick pops in and out to provide updates on his stalking dating plans with absent bad boy BJ.

Make sense? Nope. But that’s the fun of it all. Everyone except Scott is all into their own visceral wants and needs which pretty much says it all in this Hollywood allegory.

Hit the play button and see who you end up rooting for.

And stick around for the clever end credit graphics by Charlie Branigan which tell the tale of each character’s world view.

You can find my previous coverage of the ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.

Funny: ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’

Artie O'Daly in 'Bad Boy's Daddy Issues'
Artie O’Daly in ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’

Artie O’Daly shares the latest installment of his wild and wacky ‘Bad Boys’ web series.

In the episode (titled ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’), Scott (played by O’Daly) comes home from the gym and is surprised to find Jim (Drew Canan) preparing for an impromptu memorial service for his dead father who was the victim of an apparent wood chipper incident.

Jim’s Aunt Whitney (Theresa Ryan) barges in and immediately becomes obsessed with Scott’s short shorts setting up a series of butt crack bits.

Jim’s ‘best brah’ James (Alex Dyon) arrives for the memorial service as we find out the dead dad looks a whole lot like Nick Jonas. #NotMadAtThat

But as Jim begins his tribute it seems the only memories he has of his dad involve felonies, child abandonment, and orange chicken. #GoodTimes

Drew Canan and Alex Dyon in 'Bad Boy's Daddy Issues'
Drew Canan and Alex Dyon in ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’

James reminisces about the time he peeked at the dad naked in the shower: “And that’s when I knew that I was going to be ‘gay for pay.’”

Turns out James is a ‘brah-stitute,’ which is totally not a prostitute because he only charges $50 (although he offers Scott a senior discount at $40).

When Scott tries to point out that Jim clearly has daddy issues, Jim disagrees: “What kind of issues would I have because of my dad? I feel like a kid, I like older men, and I have a daddy. Like, I’m all set.”

Eventually, the bad boys flip the script on Scott and confront him about his own ‘daddy issues.’

But don’t worry, we don’t get mired in anything deep as soon there are suggestions for wrestling in pudding and a group rinse-off.

Group hug in Bad Boy's Daddy Issues

If it all sounds absurd, that’s because it is. Between the sharp, rapid-fire dialogue, Scott’s short-shorts, the eccentric characters plus the requisite shot of Jim shirtless, it all adds up to a brief yet worthy escape from the madcap world we’re living in today.

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Funny: ‘Would You Like To Sign Up For Our Rewards Program?’

Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh (screen captures)

The latest episode of the absurdist web series Matt and Dan (written, created and produced by Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh) goes down the rabbit hole of signing up for a ‘rewards card’ at your favorite market.

Like, it’s so easy, right? “Only takes a minute, you can earn up to 20 percent off your first purchase!”

Or, not.

Matt (in a lovely wig) makes the reward program sound SO awesome, including chances to win trips to Maui or Paris, so Dan gives in.

Sometimes it’s just easier to say ‘yes,’ you know?

But a few complications set in – enter your cell number, get the promo code, read the code to the cashier – and soon Paris isn’t sounding too beguiling.

But maybe Dan would like to make a charitable donation? Or get a flu shot?

We’ve all been there when the quick stop for some gum takes a turn into the absurd and getting out of the convenience store is like solving world peace.

Watch Matt and Dan remind us why shopping online can be so peaceful.

For more from the funny duo, click here.

‘Matt & Dan’ Serve Up Deliciously Off-Kilter Encounter

Don’t you hate it when folks come up to you in public, immediately jump into conversation like they know you, but you have NO IDEA who they are?

The latest episode from Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh’s self-titled web series, Matt & Dan, takes the ‘where do I know you from?’ scenario and ramps up the socially awkward score to Level 10.

In ‘Best Friends For Never,’ Matt (above) is grabbing some java on his way to CrossFit class when Dan spots him from across the coffee shop.

Dan: “Oh, my god…Ben!”

Matt: (draws total blank) “So fun…”(not)

Amid weird hugs and kisses, Matt tries to decipher where he knows Dan from, but…nothing.

Every question is met with a dodge even though Dan clearly knows a LOT about Matt’s life – his recent birthday party, his gym workout schedule…

When Matt’s friend ‘Sarah’ (guest star Julia Cho) gets dragged into the increasingly weird meet-up, she tries to divine some background (“Are you in Jill’s Pilates class? Northwestern?”), but only finds herself further and further in the Twilight Zone.

We won’t give away where it all goes, but props to the duo for the deliciously off-kilter encounter.

Plus – bonus points for Matt Wilkas in a tank top 🙂

Check out the new episode below, and you can find past episodes on their YouTube channel here.

News Round-Up: May 14, 2019

Dan Tai

Some news items you might have missed:

Instagram: Dan Tai shields his eyes from the sun (…or is he just flexing for us?…) #InstaHunk

NY Times: Donald Trump Jr. and the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee reached a deal on Tuesday for the president’s eldest son to sit for a private interview with senators in the coming weeks.

• Daily Telegraph: Former Newcastle Jets player, Andy Brennan, becomes the first Australian male soccer player to come out as gay.

JoeMyGod: Televangelist Pat Robertson says God will destroy America if The Equality Act passes. Just like when she was going to wipe us out after marriage equality and Gay Days at Disney.

Bloomberg: Trump Tower, the 36-year-old Manhattan residence, is now considered one of the least desirable luxury buildings in New York City. Over the past two years, sales of condo units in the building have taken losses of up to 20 percent.

• New digital series Model Boy explores “the lives of the wide-eyed young men lured into New York’s notoriously fickle high fashion modeling world.”

Check out the first episode below.