Olivia Newton-John Sings “Valentine” With Jim Brickman

Olivia Newton-John sings Jim Brickman's hit song "Valentine"
Olivia Newton-John sings Jim Brickman’s hit song “Valentine”

Back in 2000, my hubby, Michael was repping both pop-crossover pianist Jim Brickman and international pop star Olivia Newton-John.

When Jim started making plans for his TV special, My Romance: An Evening with Jim Brickman, Michael suggested Olivia would be a great guest. Jim flipped over the idea.

Michael introduced the two, and musical magic was made.

Not only did Olivia perform this gorgeous take on Jim’s hit song “Valentine” but they liked working with each other so much they wrote a song (“Change of Heart”) which Olivia also sang on the special.

Country artist Martina McBride originally recorded ‘Valentine’ with Jim, but watching this video it’s hard to imagine the song wasn’t written for Olivia’s special gifts.

Jim calls this one of his favorite performances of the #1 hit song.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! I’m off to spend some time with hot hubby Michael 🙂

Update: In 2022, Jim and Olivia have released a newly-remixed and remastered version of this performance using Olivia’s gorgeous vocals but with new, lush arrangements. 

Jim Brickman and Olivia Newton-John release a newly remixed, remastered version of their 2000 performance of "Valentine"