News Round-Up: December 19, 2019

Tyler James (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Hottie Tyler James has folks’ safety in mind when he asks, “Anyone need their driveway shoveled?” Is that a euphemism…?

The Hill: The latest Iowa State University–Civiqs poll finds Mayor Pete Buttigieg currently leading the race in Iowa at 24 percent, followed by Sanders at 21 percent, Warren at 18 percent and former Vice President Joe Biden at 15 percent. No other candidate is polling above 4 percent in the survey.

Buzzfeed News: High school students in Missouri responded to Pride flags being handed out by flying the Confederate flag. After the racist flag was removed, the school decided there would be no disciplinary action taken hoping instead to “teach our students to respect each other and to respect different viewpoints on a variety of social issues.” Note – LGBTQ pride is pride; the Confederate flag stands for a war fought to keep slavery.

DListed: The highest-paid YouTuber is an eight-year-old named Ryan Kaji who has earned $26 million this year reviewing toys.

• NBC News: Until Wednesday afternoon, the fictional country from the popular 2018 Marvel superhero movie “Black Panther” was listed as a free trade agreement partner of the United States by the USDA’s tariff tracker.

Des Moines Register: An Ames man was sentenced Wednesday to about 16 years in prison after he set fire to a church LGBTQ flag in June. Adolfo Martinez, 30, of Ames, last month was found guilty of a hate crime — a class “D” felony — third-degree harassment and reckless use of fire.

NY Post: While Donald Trump was hunkered down in the White House monitoring impeachment proceedings Wednesday, his predecessor in the Oval Office was hitting the links in Hawaii. Barack Obama — a native of Honolulu — was photographed on the course at the Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai, O’ahu, playing a round of golf under sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s.

News Round-Up: August 28, 2018

Some news items you might have missed:

• Actor/model/InstaHunk Tyler James (above) offers this Tuesday tidbit of wisdom: “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.”

• A 41-year-old straight correctional officer says he was taunted as “gay” for months in the workplace to the point he developed facial paralysis.

The Telegraph is reporting that Facebook targeted young LGBTs with ads for so-called ‘conversion therapy.’

• In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Australia pop star Sia admits she refused to take a photo with Donald Trump backstage at SNL. When asked for the photo op, she replied, “Actually, do you mind if we don’t? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don’t want them to think that I support your views.” #Bravo

• John Goodman confirmed to The Times that Roseanne Barr’s character will indeed be killed off in the upcoming reboot of the rebooted Roseanne sitcom, now to be titled, The Connors.

•Porn star Stormy Daniels was asked by Vogue Magazine about her infamous one-night-stand with Donald Trump. Daniels reply – “How many details can you really give about two minutes?” #Ouch

• I’ll bookend this News Round-Up with one more by the handsome Mr. James, who proves in this pic he has clothes, albeit they may be coming off in the photo…

News Round-Up: June 30, 2017

(via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• Actor Tyler James (above) is primed and ready for the holiday weekend. #dang

• People tried (and failed) to make #HeterosexualPrideDay a “thing.”

• A Los Angeles radio station “Music Coordinator” named Kylie emailed pop-mega-star Annie Lennox to let her know she has “potential.” May I remind you…?

• As Pride Month comes to and end, take a look at these photos from Prides all over the U.S. – Anchorage, Alaska; El Paso, Texas; and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

• Jay-Z’s mom comes out as lesbian on the rapper’s new “4:44” album.

• Ok, I may need a second after seeing New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman’s ESPN Magazine “Body Issue” cover…

News Round-Up: April 25, 2017

Instastud Tyler James

Some news items you might have missed:

• Well, hello Mr. Tyler James (above). Nice sheet you have there…

• Madonna is not very happy about a possible biopic about her early days in NYC that just got picked up by Universal. See her post from Instagram:

• 51 Republicans have written to the President asking him to sign an executive order that would legalize LGBT discrimination based on “protecting religious liberty.”

• Sen. Marco Rubio spoke out against the torture and murders of gay men in Chechnya from the floor of the U.S. Senate. #HellHasOfficiallyFrozenOver

• That pastor who declared that the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre “got what they deserved?” He just got 35 years in prison for child molestation. #GotWhatHeDeserved

• Xavier Jugele, the 37-year-old police officer who was gunned down in Paris last week, was eulogized by his partner today in a moving memorial ceremony.

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