Shirtless Tongan Pita Taufatofua Is Back At The Olympic Games

3-time Olympic athlete Pita Taufatofua of Tonga (screen capture)

Pita Taufatofua, the shirtless Olympic athlete from Tonga, is back at the Olympic Games.

You’ll recall he became an overnight sensation at the 2016 Rio Games when he appeared in the opening ceremony’s Parade of Nations in a traditional (shirtless) Tongan costume. Even though he lost his first taekwondo match, he was one of the most memorable athletes to emerge from the games.

Two years later, he competed at the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. He was the only member of Team Tonga at the event where he competed in cross-country skiing. He is only the second Tongan to ever compete in a Winter Olympics. Luger Bruno Banani was the first in 2014.

Taufatofua will compete in his original sport of taekwondo at his 3rd Olympic Games in Tokyo.

His worldwide acclaim has led him to become a motivational speaker and a UNICEF ambassador working with homeless charities.

The Twitterverse was thrilled to see the handsome athlete return.

Take The Plunge: Zac Efron & Brother Dylan Bungee Jump Shirtless

Zac Efron and brother Dylan bungee jump shirtless in Australia
Zac Efron and brother Dylan share their shirtless bungee jump in Australia
Zac Efron and brother Dylan share their shirtless bungee jump (screen captures)

The idea of bungee jumping has always seemed like both a supreme adrenaline rush and scary AF at the same time.

But what if taking that ride meant being in the middle of an Efron brothers sandwich?

Where do I sign up?

Zac Efron and equally hunky bro Dylan, currently down under in Australia, shared a couple of GoPro videos capturing their shirtless duo BJ (bungee jump) for Brothers Day, and its definitely worth the watching.

You may ask, “Why are they shirtless?” Answer: who cares?

As actress Jessica Alba says in the comments, “So many abs – so little time…”

Maluma Got Hot Working Out, So He Took Off His Shirt

Latin Grammy Award winner Maluma flexes for the camera
Latin Grammy Award winner Maluma flexes for the camera
Latin Grammy Award winner Maluma (image via Instagram)

Woofy Colombian recording star Maluma brought the heat to his Instagram yesterday when he threw down a video showing off his arm workout and more.

Grinding out his final bicep curls, the blond 27-year-old was serving up sweat and abs. And let’s face it, Colombia can get preeeeety humid, so ditching the shirt was a good move (especially for his fans).

The short clip has garnered over 3.5 million views in less than a day.

Prior to the gym clip, the “Medellín” singer shared another shirtless snap as he relaxed on a lounger in the sun.

But this is hardly the first time Maluma has caught our eye. The singer has become an accomplished thirst trap on his Insta. Let’s face it – the guy knows how to smolder for the camera.

The Latin Grammy Award-winner recently released an EP titled #7DJ (7 Días en Jamaica) in January featuring seven songs along with their music videos on his YouTube channel.

Woofy Dancer’s Search For Room To Rent Becomes Viral Thirst Trap

Saverio Pescucci went looking for a room to rent but became a viral sensation
Saverio Pescucci (images via Instagram)

Saverio Pescucci’s search for a room to rent in New York City went viral after he attached a few photos to his search ad.

A professional dancer by trade, Pescucci posted his search in the 284,800-member Gypsy Housing group on Facebook.

Describing himself as “super chill, friendly, gay, [and] Covid responsible,” Pescucci included the photos so people could put a face to the ad.

“I saw a lot of people … were posting pictures of themselves, like selfies and casual photos, to show that they’re not sociopaths or what kind of lifestyle they have,” the 29-year-old told the New York Post. “I did the same [but] I was not imagining that it would turn into an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ “

Pescucci says the pics were a general assortment of vacation selfies and photos of him dancing.

To his surprise, the ad went viral garnering over 600 Likes and 400+ responses.

It’s pretty easy to see why the native of Tuscany, Italy, got such a reaction.


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One woman commented on Pescucci’s ad writing, “[The] hot ones are never straight.”

Another couldn’t resist chiming in with “You’re cute … that’s all I have to offer you. A compliment.”

Gay men were a bit more to the point (as gay men can be don’t you know…)

“You won’t be paying rent for too long once you get here … [you’re] f–king hot.”

“I don’t have a room but I am single,” wrote Hassan Salazar, a drag performer who resides in Queens. Getting straight to the point, Salazar just put it all out there saying, “I’m just here to snatch myself a good man. He can have my apartment lol.”

Salazar told The Post that he liked that Pescucci is a dancer, and his eyebrows – he really liked his eyebrows.

“I’m going to consider my marriage proposal as pending,” added Salazar.


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Pescucci told The Post that he didn’t intend for the ad to be “a thirst trap.” And while he wasn’t “uncomfortable” with the comments, he admits to being “really overwhelmed” by the responses.

He tried to respond to the comments individually but finally gave up by addressing everyone on the post.

“Omg, just waking up and what is happening on this post!?!??,” he wrote. “I just wanted a room!!!!”

He also thanked his new admirers “for all the sweet and kind words” and promised to read all of the comments as soon as he gets a chance.

Originally trained at Milan’s prestigious La Scala ballet academy, Saverio Pescucci has danced around the world with elite companies like the Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Finnish National Ballet. In 2017, he made his Broadway debut in The Phantom of the Opera.

Unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s hung up his dance shoes for a while and will begin a new gig working at an Italian food distributor.

And yes – the housing search was successful. Our furry hero did find a room to rent.


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Chris Evans Responds To D-Gate With Call To Get Out The Vote

Chris Evans (screen capture via Captain America)

Avengers star Chris Evans nearly broke the internet over the weekend when he accidentally leaked a very “personal” photo (yep, the D) on his Instagram stories that revealed his camera roll.

Lots and lots of fans and friends came to his rescue on Twitter trying to calm the masses including his brother Scott Evans, fellow Avengers star Mark Ruffalo and more:

But Monday night, Evans scored with a winning reply by tweeting, “Now that I have your attention…VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

Succinct, clever, and the crowd goes wild:

Evans made an appearance on Tamron Hall’s new talk show today and handled the incident with class saying in such situations folks have to “roll with the punches” while acknowledging he has some “pretty fantastic fans.”

News Round-Up: September 8, 2020

(via Instagram/GusKenworthy)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy (above) shared some fun pics from the desert this Labor Day weekend complete with shirtless black tutu snap. “This year’s Burning Man was canceled but it didn’t stop us from getting weird in the desert.”

Pink News: Russian ‘Cossack soldiers’ prowled the streets of the Russian city of Yekaterinburg during Pride week attempting to hunt down LGBTQ people. They wound up targeting straight people they thought looked queer.

Stat News: A large, Phase 3 study testing a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford at dozens of sites across the U.S. has been put on hold due to a suspected serious adverse reaction in a participant in the United Kingdom.

New Music: Grammy nominee Tayla Parx’s playful new music video, “Dance Alone,” has soulful sass and groove to spare. “We’re all stuck inside while coping with being away from loved ones more than usual,” says the native Texan. “We need human connection, but at least when you’re home dancing in your pajamas while blasting your favorite song, you feel a little less alone. You have the music to keep you company.”

Instinct Magazine: Chasten Buttigieg, husband to former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, shares in his new book I Have Something To Tell You, that he ran away from home as a teen thinking he would only be a disappointment to his parents due to being gay. ” I was so convinced by everything that I had learned for 18 years that I would be a disappointment and the society I grew up in told me that I was twisted and broken.”

Washington Post: Broadway alone accounts for more tickets sold each year than for all of the metropolitan area’s professional sports teams, and the industry pumps on the order of $13 billion annually into the city economy. Check out this thoughtful exploration of what will be involved, and what it will take, to bring Broadway back to life post-pandemic.

The Advocate: A New Jersey man faces both federal and state charges – including malicious use of explosives, unlawful possession of two destructive devices, and unlawful possession of a short-barreled rifle – in connection with an explosion at a gym owned by a female couple. Some in the local LGBTQ+ community suspect it was a hate crime.

InstaHunks II: A few more photos from Gus Kenworthy’s faux Burning Man desert fun…

Chippendales@Home: A New Way To Beat The Quarantine Blues

L-R Jayson Michael, Ryan Worley of the Chippendales

Need a break from binge-watching? Looking for a different kind of ‘self-care’ from home?

With their Las Vegas home on lock-down, the world-famous Chippendales have come up with the perfect solution to beat the quarantine blues: a virtual night out with friends as the hunks stream into your homes. And yes, men are totally welcome.

“Chippendales@Home” is the perfect way to make sure birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just plain “let’s have fun” nights all have their own special moments.

The new streaming experience gives folks the chance to hang out and party with the men of Chippendales right in your own homes.

Get to know the guys in a private, virtual setting as they host your party, play games like “Never Have I Ever?” or guessing what’s in a Chipp’s pants, get or give a virtual lap dance and experience some of the interaction Chippendales live shows thrive on.

Each 30-minute party features at least two Chippendales cast members and will be hosted utilizing streaming platforms such as ZOOM, House Party, FaceTime, or Google Hangout.

Said one participant, “Hands down my FAVORITE quarantine experience thus far!”

And another, “I liked that it was interactive – and the fruit/vegetable in the pants game was hilarious!”

Check out this one-minute video (warning – bare butts ahead) from a recent “Chippendales@Home” party featuring Chippendales emcee Jayson Michael (wearing cuffs and collar) and Ryan Worley (wearing…a guitar).

For a limited time, Chippendales is offering their streaming service for free as a thank you to all first responders and health care workers as well as to any ticket purchaser that was unable to attend one of their postponed shows.

For more information about booking “Chippendales@Home,” visit

In addition to “Chippendales@Home,” the brand has been cranking out online experiences as people are urged to stay inside. Recent digital offerings include at-home workouts with cast members, Instagram Live chats with alumni of the brand, and light-hearted digital content such as one of the current cast members performing a lap dance for a 12-pack of toilet paper.

Here’s more from the men of Chippendales via Instagram:

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#Chippendales quarantine day 14.

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