Out Short Film: “Straight A”

Zach Cramblit & Todd Lien in ‘Straight A’

Check out this sweet short film, Straight A, from actor/writer Todd Lien.

Lien wrote, produced and starred in the short as his thesis film for the New York Film Academy’s MFA program.

The handsome actor says the movie is based on the true story of his own coming out to his father.

In the eight minute movie, Lien plays a version of himself struggling to maintain a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Kyle (Zach Cramblit) while keeping up the image of the perfect son to his father (Nathan Chen).

In the film, it appears being an over-achiever who gets straight A’s in school and is elected president of the student body isn’t enough for the father.

Or is it?

Todd shares this note on the YouTube page:

I am grateful for the supporting father I have, but I want to be clear that I know this is not how many people’s experiences are like. I just want to share some happy ending story like mine out there for more positivity and hope! The message is that sometimes we need to give our parents a little more credit for acceptance. Hope this video does that for as many people out there as possible!

Lien’s film credits include The Choice (2017), Alpha Delta Zatan (2017) and the TV miniseries Bob’s New Roommates (2017).

But wait – there’s more!

He’s also a part of the Asian Magic Mike troupe! Whoo-hoo!

The hottie is not only talented but way photogenic, as his 20K Instagram followers have discovered.

(h/t Towleroad)