Uber Driver Kicks Same-Sex Couple Out For ‘Kiss On The Cheek’

An Uber driver kicked two Camden County, N.J. women out of her car after one kissed the other on the cheek. One of the women, Kristin Michele, recorded the incident.

From NJ.com:

Kristin Michele and Jenn Mangan were in an Uber on their way to a Zac Brown Band concert in Camden on Friday night when Michele leaned over and gave Mangan a kiss on the cheek, they said.

The driver then immediately told the women to get out of the car, Michele said.

“I said ‘I don’t understand.’ She said ‘I can’t ride with that. You kissed her,’” Michele said. “She said ‘I won’t have that.’”

Michele started recording a video right after that, in which she asks, “Are you kicking me out because I’m gay?” and the driver responds, “Yes, I am. Yes. Get out.”

The women eventually walked half a mile home, and then took a train to their concert.

They say they reached out to Uber and the company says they would look into the incident.

Rocker Kisses Male Fan During Dubai Concert Defying Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Matt Healy, lead singer for The 1975 (photo: Alex Liscio Photos/FlickrCC License)

Matt Healy, lead singer for the UK band The 1975, responded to a male fan’s request to “marry me” by heading into the crowd and laying some lip-lock on the fan during the band’s first-ever concert in Dubai.

Billboard reports the moment happened during the performance of the band’s song, “Loving Someone.”

As he returned to the stage amid loud cheers from the crowd, Healy said, “I love you, bro – we’re all human, right?”

The kiss was noteworthy not only for the artist/fan interaction but also due to the severe anti-homosexuality laws in the United Arab Emirates where being gay is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Even so, the crowd was thrilled.

At another moment during the concert, Healy stopped to speak directly to the adversity LGBTQ people face in the Arab country and acknowledged the risk he faced even addressing the subject.

“I just want us to identify as humans and not as groups of individual different people,” he told the crowd. “I’m sorry, I know it seems indulgent for me to cry but I do this every night and it’s the same thing, I see so much passion and pain, and I know what you guys are going through and I know you’re not representative of your governments.”

And the crowd goes wild!

The band, which won Best Album and Best Group at this year’s Brit Awards, has seen all three of their studio albums hit number one on the UK charts.

The 1975 has a history of LGBTQ support. Last year, the band kicked in £50,000 to help fund London’s new LGBTQ center.

At the time, Healy told The Observer, “You might wonder why it is needed, and even ask yourself what exactly is everyone still scared of, but sadly, I think stigma still exists even in London and we still have some way to go.”

After the Dubai concert, Healy took to Twitter to say he “wouldn’t have done anything differently given the chance again.”

While many applauded the display of support, some on social media expressed concern that the public same-sex kiss could put the fan in jeopardy under the laws of his country.

Earlier this month, I reported a shared kiss between bandmates of the heavy metal group Rammstein during a concert in Russia. That kiss was also seen as a protest of the anti-LGBTQ ‘propaganda’ laws there.

(source: Billboard– cropped image via CC License/Flickr)

Gus Kenworthy’s Olympic Kiss Seen Round The World

Gus Kenworthy kisses his bf Matthew Wilkas at 2018 Winter Olympics

When Gus Kenworthy came out in 2015, he told ESPN Magazine that he felt like a “coward” in not acknowledging his boyfriend during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Well, what a difference 4 years and a shattered closet door makes.

Before yesterday’s qualifying runs in the slopestyle competition, Kenworthy gave his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas a kiss that was captured by the NBC Sports cameras.

And the world swooned.

Kenworthy told The Guardian:

“I didn’t even know that that was a televised moment at all, but I think that’s amazing,” Kenworthy said afterward. “That’s something that I wanted at the last Olympics was to share a kiss with my boyfriend at the bottom and it was something that I was too scared to do for myself. And so to be able to do that, to give him a kiss, to have that affection broadcasted for the world is incredible.

“I think that the only way to really change perceptions, break down homophobia, break down barriers is through representation. That’s definitely not something I had as a kid. I definitely didn’t see a gay athlete at the Olympics kissing their boyfriend and I think that if I had it would have made it a lot easier for me, so hopefully it did that for other people.”

Kenworthy, who scored a silver medal in Sochi, broke his thumb earlier this week and also suffered from a massive hematoma on his hip that required six vials of blood to be drained, will not take home a medal from this Olympic trip.

He easily qualified for the finals, but in his three final runs was unable to string together the jumps he needed to make the podium. But the handsome 26-yearold skier from Telluride, Colorado, seems at peace with his day.

“If you look at me right now, I’m bummed but I’m not sulking, I’m not crying,” Kenworthy shared with The Guardian. “I’m really proud to be here.”

“Being out at this Games has kind of meant the world to me. Just getting to really be myself and be authentic and I think that landing a run in the final, getting on the podium obviously would have been icing on the cake.”

“But even though it didn’t happen for me, I still had a wonderful Olympic experience and I’m really happy for the guys that did get on the podium. I don’t know, maybe there’s a next time.”

Kenworthy easily qualified for the finals of slopestyle with his 90.80

And Team Kenworthy was all smiles and rainbows cheering their guy on

Kiss Between Tom Brady & Son Left Some Viewers “Uncomfortable”

Tom Brady

A brief moment between New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and his 11-year-old son included in a Facebook docu-series has folks questioning an expression of affection between father and son.

People have lost their minds, folks.

From CBS New York:

In the documentary, called “Tom vs. Time,” there is a scene showing the five-time Super Bowl winner getting a massage, CBS2’s Elise Finch reported. Afterward, his 11-year-old son comes into the room and asks him if he can check his fantasy football standings.

“Oh, hello. I was wondering if I could check my fantasy team,” son Jack Brady says.

“What do I get?” his father replies. Jack leans over and kisses his father and is about to leave the room, while the massage therapist working on Tom Brady’s shoulder says, “You know Jack, everything comes with a cost, bud.”

“That was like a peck,” Tom Brady says.

Jack returns, leans over again and kisses his father on the mouth a second time. And the second kiss shared by father and son prompted tweets from viewers using words like “very disturbing” and “uncomfortably long.”

CBS2 asked New Yorkers what they thought.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with that,” one passerby said.

“I think at a certain age it’s like OK you can kiss them on the cheek; you can give ‘em a hug,” said Emily Hernandez, a mother of two from Harlem. “But not in the mouth and not for that long.”

“Too long, like romantic long,” said Parrish Watson of Parkchester.

“I kiss my son on his lips. I have since day one,” said Kurt Czaplinski of Hempstead. “I would have no problem with my son kissing me like that.”

Lifestyle and parenting expert Lyss Stern says she does not see anything wrong.

“If you kiss your kids too much, it’s the wrong thing. If you kiss your kids too little, it’s the wrong thing. If you hug too much — people need to back off and stop parent shaming,” said Stern, chief executive officer of DivaMoms.com.

While no one is accusing Tom of anything untoward, some say what bothered them was affection being tied to a favor.

I think this is all really over the top. I come from a family not afraid to show affection. I don’t think there’s the slightest sexual context here.

Brady has not commented on the issue.

Canadian Prime Minister And Opposition Leader Share Kiss To Protest Orlando Shooting


From World News Daily Report:

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and the New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair, made a surprising stunt yesterday, to denounce the killings that made 50 people in a gay bar in Orlando, Florida.

The two politicians, known for their dislike of each other, gathered for the first time in a joint press conference, yesterday They completely surprised the media and the world, by kissing languidly for several seconds, to fight homophobic prejudices and denounce the recent violence against the LGBT community.

“What happened in Orlando was so terrible, that we didn’t have a choice but to react strongly,” said Mr. Mulcair, moments after the kiss. “Unfortunately, many people still have problems accepting the simple fact of seeing two men kissing each other, and that’s why this kind of gesture becomes so important. When Mr. Trudeau called me to suggest that we should kiss, I must admit that I hesitated a little. However, he quickly convinced me that it was a good idea! It was for a good cause, and to be honest, it was quite a kiss!”

Royal Canadian Navy Cheers First “Homecoming Kiss” Between Gay Sailor And His Partner

The Royal Canadian Navy proudly showed off social progress on Tuesday when the honor of the ceremonial “homecoming kiss” was given to an openly gay sailor and his partner.

Via CBC:

There were loud cheers today when Master Seaman Francis Legare embraced his partner, Corey Vautour, after more than eight months at sea.

“I have been away for 255 days, so it feels great,” a smiling Legare said. “I am speechless.”

HMCS Winnipeg, which has a crew of 250, returned to Victoria on Tuesday after a tour in the Caribbean and eastern Pacific.

Being the first sailor off a ship is considered an honour and privilege in the Canadian navy, and it’s decided by a random raffle.

But it’s a sign of the times that the navy is on board with a kiss that may have been considered controversial not too long ago.

Gay Military Couple’s Wedding Kiss Goes Viral

From News-leader.com:

Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Tristian Resz chose the Greene County Courthouse as a venue because they wanted something small and intimate for their Feb. 11 wedding. It was to be just the happy couple, a few supportive friends and a judge.

But after they shared their “first married kiss” photo on Facebook, their small ceremony turned into a worldwide event.

The American Military Partner Association posted the photo a few hours after the wedding. As of Monday morning, that post has been shared 800 times, has almost 4,400 likes and more than 215 comments.

Adriano told the News-Leader they have long since lost track of how many times the photo has been shared.

“It just keeps getting reshared,” he said. “We had a little bit of negative comments on there, but I wasn’t even expecting that many people to like it and share it over and over again.”

Viral Video: Two Of Brazil’s Biggest Actors Kiss To Protest Homophobia

via Instagram

Kissing for a cause.

Bruno Gagliasso and João Vicente de Castro, two of Brazil’s biggest actors, both heterosexual, locked lips at Brazil’s GQ Men of the Year awards in Rio de Janeiro to make a statement against homophobia and machismo.

Gagliasso posted a pic of the kiss to his Instagram account, dedicating the kiss to all the ‘macho card-carriers, hypocritical and prejudiced’, to show there’s nothing wrong with showing ‘our affection and love’ for another man.

Gagliasso has a been a long-time supporter of LGBT rights, having previously played a gay character on a Brazilian soap opera. In the past, he’s shared his opinion that he believes “macho” images have a negative or unhealthy effect on audiences. He said the kiss was meant to challenge the nation’s views on what it means to be “macho.”

Patrick Stewart Gives Lessons In Kissing To Conan O’Brien

Patrick Stewart and bestie Sir Ian McKellen recently shared a kiss on the red carpet for the premier of McKellen’s latest film, Mr. Holmes.

Last night, chatting up the 75-year-old actor, Conan O’Brien brought the kissing episode up.

Said Stewart, “Ian isn’t the only one. I don’t want you to think I am a one-man guy!”

Opening the door to more specific possibilities, Stewart asked O’Brien, “Do you want to try it out? You were looking at me in a way that I recognize.”

And Stewart moved in for the kill 🙂

O’Brien was feeling the moment, afterwards saying, “That was fantastic! I felt passion. you’re an iconic actor, a great man, and we kissed, and I felt like you suddenly accepted me as your better!”

O’Brien added, “Who says it should be unacceptable for heterosexual men to kiss each other on the lips. I say it should be commonplace!”